Ourself Ushers in a New Era of Beauty Through the Use of Biotechnology

February 23, 2022  17:25  |  Beauty Fashion

GLO Pharma, a biotechnology company that develops innovative approaches to beauty and aesthetics, announces today the launch of Ourself, a category-defining brand that bridges the gap between traditional skin care products and clinical procedures. The groundbreaking Ourself Subtopical Skincare System leverages proprietary biotechnology to address the world’s most stubborn skin concerns and provide an at-home alternative to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, delivering on the precision of needles and lasers through topically applied products.

Ourself Ushers in a New Era of Beauty Through the Use of Biotechnology

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Ourself has created and curated a proprietary portfolio of bio-engineered Intides, or intelligent peptides, that are designed to target specific pathways within the skin. These high-performance Intides are encapsulated and delivered by a patent-pending multiphasic vesicle delivery system. This allows the Intides to target specific areas of the skin and address skincare concerns at the source, activating the body’s natural arsenal and visibly restoring skin to its youthful state. Ourself products are protected by a series of more than 10 patent filings, covering specific formulations, Intides and the brand’s exclusive delivery technology.

Backed by $30M of funding to date, Ourself is led by President and Co-Founder Vimla Black-Gupta, a beauty industry veteran, along with GLO Pharma founders and serial entrepreneurs Scott Glenn, Chairman, and Lauren Otsuki, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer. Investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, First Round Capital, and Scott Glenn.

As innovators within the biotechnology space for over 20 years, Scott Glenn and Lauren Otsuki previously founded and developed professional skincare companies Alastin Skincare and SkinMedica, along with numerous pharmaceutical companies aimed at solving some of the toughest medical issues in infertility, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

“While the science, analytics, and processes routinely utilized in the biopharma industry have created some of the most innovative medications available, they have yet to fully infiltrate the skincare industry,” says Otsuki. “Through our research, we discovered technology that could deliver peptides, including those over 1,400 molecular weight which are really powerful, subtopically through the barrier of the skin. We knew there was a huge opportunity to apply this to skincare and effectively target the root cause of the biggest aesthetic concerns.”

At launch, Ourself offers a collection of products that powerfully address hyperpigmentation as well as loss of volume in the lips. Additional products, including a daily renewal cream and mineral sunscreen, are designed to optimize the core regimens while delivering advanced benefits of their own. A pipeline of new formulas addressing further aesthetic concerns are currently in development for release throughout 2022. Ourself products are clean-crafted while ensuring efficacy with safe ingredients according to some of the strictest formulating standards. They are sustainably developed with recycled and refillable packaging where possible.