ATTITUDE Leaves Bars: A Plastic Free Beauty Collection

February 22, 2022  17:18  |  Beauty Fashion

ATTITUDE, a Canadian leader in body and home care products, continues its mission to raise the bar with better products for a better future. The plastic crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing planet Earth. Currently, more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. ATTITUDE believes that reducing single-use plastic in our daily routines can make a real difference. The company is leading the way by launching its new leaves bars plastic-free beauty bars, a complete line of 29 bars for an enhanced beauty routine, designed to be more respectful of our bodies and the planet. The solid and concentrated formulas for body & hair are the quintessence of what the company is all about: eco-responsibility and clean ingredients combined with maximum efficiency.

ATTITUDE Leaves Bars: A Plastic Free Beauty Collection

Photo – ATTITUDE archive ©

Leaves bar collection features zero-plastic solid beauty bars for daily skin & hair care routines. The entire collection is crafted to offer maximum results with minimal ingredients, enriched with the company’s signature super leaves extracts. Watercress and Indian cress leaves, known for their regenerative abilities and for being high in minerals, vitamins, are used in these formulas to strengthen, restore, and revitalize hair and skin. The beauty bars are also formulated with nutrient-rich clays and precious oils carefully selected for their extraordinary properties.

ATTITUDE’s leaves bar collection is proud to carry the EWG VERIFIED seal of approval from the Environmental Working Group. It is free of any ingredients of concern, vegan and has never been tested on animals. These naturally scented products with luxurious fragrances will quickly become a go-to for a clean wellness regimen, resulting in glowing skin and lustrous hair.

This new packaging development is integrated into the company’s larger circular economy vision — to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore. Since 2019, the company began offering low-waste packaging alternatives to limit its environmental impact. ATTITUDE provides eco-refill formats, using on average 80% less plastic and encouraging the reuse of plastic bottles. They have also planted over 1,200,000 trees to positively offset our activities.