Is This the Future of Men’s Grooming?

June 25, 2020  13:51  |  Beauty Fashion

Launching today, Colorsmith offers men a completely custom, personalized, and effortless at-home hair colour experience with options for gray coverage on their terms. Colorsmith’s made-to-order men’s hair colour is individually crafted by professional licensed colourists and is never premixed or premade. Every order comes with custom colour, personalized, easy-to-follow instructions, colouring tools and access to colourists who can help at every step.

Is This the Future of Men's Grooming?

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Colorsmith’s Gray Reduction Program is the first of its kind, designed for men who want to keep their salt and pepper look or gradually cover their grays over time. This new program helps men dodge questions like, “Did you do something different to your hair?” with natural-looking and subtle results over two to three applications.

Powered by patented colour-mixing technology, Colorsmith was created by the makers of award-winning hair colour company eSalon, which revolutionized women’s home hair colour when it launched in 2010.

“We’re thrilled to launch Colorsmith and help demystify the hair colour process so that every man can colour their hair with ease and confidence,” said Graham Jones, CEO, Colorsmith. “Every facet of Colorsmith was thoughtfully designed to give men a completely customized experience from start to finish.”

In a study conducted by the brand, over 50% of men who colour their hair do so every six weeks or less. 75% of men who dye their hair do so at home, either themselves or with help from a family member or friend. However, the study concluded that 57% of men are not completely satisfied with their current hair dye. Additionally, the majority of the candidates said that they were nervous their hair colour would look unnatural. “Historically men have only had two options to colour their hair: one-size-fits-all boxed hair dye from the drugstore or frequent visits to the salon. Colorsmith provides a solution to common hair colour issues among men with a custom colour that yields natural-looking results,” added Jones.

Grounded in tech and colour theory, Colorsmith is for every man no matter where they are on their hair colour journey. The brand’s tested hair colour formula contains the highest quality of ingredients including Vitamin E, Keratin and Soybean Protein, and is Ammonia-, PPD-, Resorcinol-, Paraben-, and Phthalate-free.

How does the service work?

After creating a profile at, simply fill out a quick Color Quiz, which will help the brand’s colourists craft a unique shade. The individually dispensed formula and personalized instructions are then prepared, packed, and delivered discreetly to your door. Dedicated colourists are on-call to give advice and guidance throughout the entire process – from the online quiz to colour application.

What’s included in the box?

In addition to the custom colour and developer, each Colorsmith order includes all the tools needed to apply colour effortlessly, including personalized instructions, two pairs of non-latex gloves, an application brush or comb, shampoo and conditioner packets, as well as stain guard and stain remover.

How much does Colorsmith cost?

A single Colorsmith order costs $29.95. The brand’s Color Plan costs $23.95 per order and is auto shipped on a set schedule, with the option to skip or cancel at any time.