‘Dreamwood’ Delivers a Positive Impact on the Planet

May 13, 2020  17:33  |  Beauty Fashion

Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, is proud to launch its newest exclusive, captive ingredient Dreamwood. Inspired by the iconic Mysore sandalwood, Dreamwood offers the signature mystical, creamy olfactive warmth with demonstrated cosmetic benefits, and delivers a positive impact on the planet: 100% natural, 100% renewable carbon and ultimately biodegradable.

‘Dreamwood’ Delivers a Positive Impact on the Planet

Photo – Firmenich ©

Julien Firmenich, Vice President Sales, Ingredients, Perfumery said: “Dreamwood is the cornerstone of sustainable innovation and represents the future of our ingredients business, integrating positive consumer benefits at the core level of product composition. This innovative captive opens new creative territories for sandalwood fragrances, with the full benefit of responsible business, in one ingredient.”

“Consumers are looking for renewable, sustainable solutions. Individuals and companies alike are examining how they can do their part to minimize their impact on the earth. Ingredients produced via biotech are one way of doing this,” said Sarah Reisinger, Vice President, Research & Development, Biotechnology.

Dreamwood is the first Firmenich ingredient to feature cosmetic benefits. As demonstrated through rigorous laboratory testing, it can also bring some of the cosmetics benefits traditionally associated with sandalwood oil. Because of its antimicrobial effect and soothing properties on skin cells*, it may have a positive benefit in skincare products for special needs, including blemishes.

François-Raphaël Balestra, Principal Perfumer, Director of New Ingredients Discovery summarizes: “By being sustainable and affordable, Dreamwood is reviving natural sandalwood notes for modern perfumery creations. Dreamwood reveals its full naturalness and deep creaminess especially in heart and base notes.”

Firmenich is recognized for its industry-leading palette of biotech ingredients, naturals and molecules for both fragrance and flavour creation. Customers benefit from a palette of over 2,000 ingredients, from natural sourcing of Rose Centifolia Pays in Grasse and Red Fruit Naturome in Scotland, using state-of-the-art technologies including super critical CO2 extraction (SFE) and white biotechnology, to innovative, renewable and sustainable molecules designed with green chemistry principles such as new musk Sorbettolide. For over 125 years, Firmenich has created iconic fragrance ingredients such as Hedione, Ambrox Super and Helvetolide.