Back To Earth Skin Sets New Natural Skincare Standard

February 15, 2023  23:31  |  Beauty Fashion

Canadian skincare brand, Back to Earth Skin announces its new line of skincare products, providing a new standard of natural skincare that is 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and 35-free. Revolutionizing the clean beauty industry, Back to Earth Skin products are all developed with its key proprietary ingredient, Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex (MMC Complex) enriched with a curated blend of natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

Back To Earth Skin Sets New Natural Skincare Standard

Photo – courtesy of Back to Earth Skin ©

Back to Earth Skin is working to provide the new standard in the natural skincare industry, emphasizing the importance of all product details from a curated blend for each product, to how it is packaged and its impact on the environment.

“We are all deserving of clean skincare that can be trusted to not only deliver healthy, beautiful skin but to do so safely and without compromise,” says Kiley Routely, Back to Earth Founder. “Back to Earth Skin is committed to challenging the status quo by producing 100% natural products, bringing to market a transparent brand and product line that offers both sustainable products and packaging.”

Each product is powered by Back to Earth Skin’s proprietary ingredient, Mineral Microbiome Clay Complex (MMC Complex) which is Mineral Microbiome Clay enriched with a curated selection of nature’s finest ingredients. The clay is sustainably harvested from Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit. It is free from marine and industrial waste, providing an abundant source of minerals essential to skin health, including iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc.

In addition to the brand’s 100% natural products, Back to Earth Skin strives to offer the highest standard of sustainable packaging, with no secondary casing, direct print on the primary container, and an optimized footprint. All packaging is made from biodegradable materials, Post Consumer Resin (PCR), glass, and sugarcane.

Reservations for Back to Earth Skin are available starting today. The entire product lineup and quantities will be available in early March.