Skin at Peace

February 16, 2023  22:01  |  Beauty Fashion

Skin at Peace has created a new skincare solution modelled from the nutrition and supplement industry that delivers fresh ingredients through a subscription program straight from the lab to the customer’s home. Skin at Peace’s co-founder and formulator is an MD and microbiologist who realized that their plant-based skincare can last up to three months without expiring. By offering a monthly delivery service, the ingredients never have time to expire before their new shipment arrives.

Skin at Peace

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Preservatives have been proven to cause contact dermatitis and urticaria in sensitive skin. Even in the smallest amounts, preservatives can irritate rosacea and other skin conditions. Preservatives can also cause health problems for unborn babies through the mother’s skin. This makes Skin at Peace ideal for pregnancy and nursing mothers.

Skin at Peace’s other founder has been an esthetician for sixteen years and suffers from rosacea herself. She tried many of the highest-quality skincare lines and treatments, with no relief. Within days of using Skin at Peace with no preservatives, her skin calmed. There are now many success stories of people having great improvement in their skin in a short time after using only Skin at Peace.

Skin at Peace

Many people with sensitive skin avoid ingredients such as vitamin C and niacinamide, terrified of causing a reaction to their already delicate skin. Skin at Peace discovered it was not these vitamin-based ingredients, (which have been reported to actually help strengthen and repair the skin’s barrier) that were causing irritation. It was the preservatives, sulfates, parabens, and fragrance. Skin at Peace found through trial and error during their first few years of multiple formulas, that it isn’t enough to just remove all sulfates, parabens and fragrance, preservatives must also be removed to see long-lasting results.

Skin at Peace acknowledges that their monthly subscription membership is the only way to bypass the use of preservatives. In most cases, products that will be used longer than three months after they were made, are not recommended without some kind of antimicrobial preservative. This is why Skin at Peace always puts the date the small batch was made on each box.