25Home – The Industrial Line

November 3, 2022  17:10  |  News

25Home is an industry-leading furniture brand that provides stunning, Nordic pieces. As both the manufacturer and the brand, they offer unbeatable pricing by cutting out the middle man and giving their price right to the customer.

25Home – The Industrial Line

Photo – courtesy of 25Home Furniture ©

25Home has domestic warehouses for all of their products, making shipping fast so customers can get their new furniture as soon as possible. It’s more than just an excellent customer experience with incredible prices. 25Home is an ethical brand that has a completely transparent supply chain. All of their employees are treated fairly, no matter what part of the process they work in.

25Home is always releasing new, beautiful pieces, and the Industrial line is a stunning addition with modern practicality and casual sophistication. This line has everything from chaise sectionals to loungers in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and configurations. All are made with their sensational air leather material.

The industrial line offers a closed sectional, an open sectional with a double lounger, and a double chaise sectional. Each of these styles is available in multiple sizes for different numbers of seats, depending on a customer’s needs. They also have the option to add an ottoman for both additional seating and matching storage. All styles combine 25Home’s unique blend of foam cushions and feather backrests to provide the ultimate comfort and stability in each and every piece. They also all come with free feather-down pillows to complete the look and comfort. The sofa feet are stylish and sturdy with a spherical shape unique to 25Home that is designed to prevent scratching or damage to floors when the couch is moved.

Air leather

25Home is using a revolutionary new material for the upholstery of the Industrial line. Air leather is a leather alternative made from environmentally and animal-friendly materials. This waterproof, stain-proof, and wear-resistant cloth is ideal for homes with pets and children, holding up to everyday wear and tear without damage. Air leather is soft and breathable but also durable. It doesn’t need the typical upkeep demanded by traditional leather furniture, allowing it to be both affordable and low-maintenance.