Deck The Halls… With a Little Art!

November 2, 2022  23:45  |  News

As the holiday season approaches, New York-based gallery Rehs Contemporary is set to present their annual Small Works Show. Beginning on November 11th, the online-only exhibit will consist of twenty artists and more than sixty available artworks… included in the group are some fan favourites, with several pieces by Stuart Dunkel, Lucia Heffernan, Todd M. Casey, Nigel Cox, and Eleinne Basa. The eclectic mix offers an array of styles and subjects, and ensures there will be a little something for everyone!

Deck The Halls… With a Little Art!

Photos – courtesy of Rehs Contemporary Galleries © Todd M. Casey

Stuart Dunkel, who has completed over 3,000 paintings in his career, accounts for more than a dozen pieces in the exhibition. Among the bunch will be some of the classic subjects, like Getting a Kiss where Chuckie is stealing a Hershey’s Kiss… or Right Choice where he searches for the perfect grape. While the works are rather simple and straightforward, Dunkel has a unique ability to connect with his viewers, oftentimes making someone feel as if the work was made just for them.

Lucia Heffernan doesn’t limit her subject like Dunkel… she incorporates a wide range of animals and develops characters and narratives for each of them. One of her works is entitled Midnight Melody, which depicts an adorably plump bird perched up on a tree branch. What makes this little aviator so charming is that he is adorned with a pair of headphones, while his face is illuminated by the cell phone in his hands (umm, wings?) … it almost has this reminiscent feel of a child staying up late, playing games and listening to music.

Deck The Halls… With a Little Art!

Stuart Dunkel

The exhibit checks all the boxes. Todd M. Casey brings exquisite still lifes to the mix, like the little gem Penicillin… the more adult-themed work bares an engraved tumbler glass topped off with the titular whisky concoction. Nigel Cox adds a dash of figurative work with his new miniature triptychs… while his subjects are usually placed on stark white backgrounds, these pieces incorporate monochromatic details to signify particular locations. Rounding things out is Eleinne Basa, who gives a glimpse of city life through paintings like Evening Traffic and Central Park Bridge.

Regardless of your aesthetic inclinations or preferred subject matter, these small and affordable works are a great way to continue building your art collection or get started altogether!