The Future of Luxury with Extrait Molecular de Parfum

August 9, 2022  20:30  |  Beauty Fashion

The future of luxury is in the Aeir. Created by the design duo previously responsible for Tesla’s Sustainability & Biomaterials Strategy, Yeezy’s Innovation & Future Lab Direction, and LVMH’s first Web-3 launch with Rimowa, Aeir is a future-forward vision recognizing the new tenets of desirability. Designed in Venice Beach, California, Aeir fuses the codes of luxury with the next generation of clean technology and circular materials.

The Future of Luxury with Extrait Molecular de Parfum

Photos – Courtesy of Aeir ©

For hundreds of years, we’ve relied on nature to provide building blocks for creating scent by means of extraction. With Aeir, that’s about to change, as they set out to disrupt the global luxury market first with a new generation of perfumes. After 2 years in development, the American luxury brand debuts their first product— an Extrait Molecular de Parfum— which minimizes botanical use and extraction, focusing on implementing bio-engineered formulations, and decreasing carbon footprint.

Arriving in September 2022, with exclusive retail launch partner Neiman Marcus, Aeir’s first innovation introduces the Aeir Mini – Fragrance Discovery Set — a travel-sized perfume experience consisting of their first four molecular scents: Wet Stone, Grand Rose, Suede and Virgin Olive. Paired with a refillable luxury aluminum frame developed by craftsmen in Italy, the enclosure can be recycled or reused for a lifetime. The full-sized 15 mL Aeir Frame Fragrance System will follow in October.

The Future of Luxury with Extrait Molecular de Parfum

The refillable aluminum fragrance case utilizes advanced-coating technologies created through zero waste production processes, merging the worlds of biotechnology and luxury craftsmanship. Originally developed by NASA, this process drastically reduces its carbon emissions and maintains full recyclability properties.

The future of Aeir will be available on Aeir ID — an experience-driven Web-3-ready subscription platform that features Apple Wallet integration and “Tap to Collect” functionalities via NFC technology which can unlock a suite of attainable luxury products, starting with fragrance and extending past beauty into home and wellness.

Co-founded by Enrico Pietra, Rodrigo Caula and Jana Bobosikova, Aeir was envisioned as a unique approach to luxury and designed as a brand for the future, building on the founders’ past experience within luxury, design, technology, life sciences and sustainability spheres. Aeir is backed by 8VC, Era and Epic Brands.