Lotus Moon Skin Care

June 1, 2022  19:04  |  Beauty Fashion

There continues to be a demand for naturally-derived ingredients, including macroalgae (i.e., seaweed) extracts, in skincare products. In addition to being “clean,” “green”, and “healthy” — while providing results.

Overnight Skin Revival is an excellent example of a plant-based serum that fits these criteria.

Lotus Moon Skin Care

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Lotus Moon Skin Care’s reformulated Overnight Skin Revival Serum is designed to stimulate collagen production and cellular turnover. The increased content of high-protein blue-green algae, macroalgae, known to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin with 22 amino acids and an array of vitamins, [the entire B-complex, such as vitamin B-12, and high levels of vitamins A and C], is reflected in its bright green hue.

“Achieving and maintaining healthy skin is what drives my passion for creating effective plant-based formulas that are active yet gentle and simple yet effective,” says founder Lake Louise.

Overnight Skin Revival also includes 3% lactic acid to richly hydrate, soften, and exfoliate the skin, and 5% glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells, smooth skin textures, and reduce signs of wrinkles and discolouration without irritation.

The company’s approach to ageing considers its skincare line a valuable addition to any women’s daily skincare ritual that emphasizes health-ageing, not anti-ageing.

Lotus Moon Skin Care

Founded by Lake Louise, a respected wellness entrepreneur, healthy-ageing strategist, and founder of brands Lotus Moon Skin Care and Plain Jane Beauty, the plant-based products have been trusted for over two decades by women who are serious about healthy skin at every age.

In addition to the reformulated overnight skin revival serum, Lotus Moon maintains a collection of plant-based cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and oils, along with facial tools, for the busy, modern lifestyle.

Each product works to address age-related skin changes, including dehydrated skin, adult acne, oiliness, and discolouration, safely, naturally, and effectively.