Venezia 1920 Founder: Natural, Plant-Based Skincare Products are in Demand

April 27, 2022  16:04  |  Beauty Fashion

“Statista reports that the global natural cosmetics sector should increase from $34.5 billion in 2018 to $54.5 billion in 2027,” said Gianluca Zin, founder of Venezia 1920, which is based in Venice, Italy. “Natural skincare products are a significant part of that growth.” Another marketing company, Grandview Research, predicts an annual growth rate of 6.6 percent for global natural skincare products.

Venezia 1920 Founder: Natural, Plant-Based Skincare Products are in Demand

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“Grandview points to ‘growing awareness about the adverse effects of chemicals on the skin, such as irritation and dullness,” Zin said. “Consumer awareness has grown. Consumers understand that natural ingredients are better for the skin.”

Zin said the younger generations are a driving force for natural, chemical-free products. “We want consumers to know that Venezia 1920 skincare products use mostly plant extracts,” he added. “Our research team developed Venezia 1920 with high-grade botanical extracts,” Zin said. “Instead of using chemicals, such as parabens, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil, we use natural ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Macadamia oil, ceramides, Chamomile essential oil, and Pomegranate.”

Venezia 1929 skincare products include:

Intense Purifying Face Cleanser with Pomegranate and Black Currant

Anti-Aging Micellar Lotion with Marigold E Hamamelis

Super Moisturizing Cream with Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid

Lifting Cream with Damask Rose

Super Moisturizing Anti-Aging Cream with Tetravalent

Anti-Aging Vehicular Serum with Liposomes

Lifting Moisturizer Serum with Crystalskin

* Except in massage oil

** Nickel <0.00001%