“Sniph” – Helping Shoppers Curate Their Own Personal Scent Wardrobe

July 4, 2018  21:23  |  Beauty Fashion

Sniph - SwO magazine

Photo – Sniph ©

Today Sniph, Europe’s leading perfume discovery service, announces their first-ever in-store launch which will take place at Harvey Nichols in London. Shoppers will get the chance to experience the service’s six most popular perfumes, build their own gift box and sign up for a subscription to have exclusive scents sent directly to their doorstep every month.

There is potential in fragrance. By the year 2022, the global fragrance industry is estimated a worth of $70 billion, propelled by the growth in artisan and niche fragrances (+14% in 2018). Challenging the traditional fragrance industry, Sniph, primarily an online service, makes it possible and affordable, to discover up to 12 carefully selected scents per year from exclusive perfume houses in a convenient 8 ml size.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring the Sniph experience in-store at Harvey Nichols and get closer to our members and shoppers,” says Lisa Kjellqvist, Co-founder and CEO at Sniph. “The whole process of discovering and buying new perfumes can be quite time-consuming, difficult and expensive. We want to remove these barriers and show people how fun and accessible it can really be.”

Sniph will be located on the beauty floor of Harvey Nichols in London from 3 July -3 October 2018. Subscriptions, as well as full-sized bottles, can also be purchased online at sniph.co.uk.