Hydrating Treatment Shield by Trilogy Laboratories

November 17, 2020  14:00  |  Beauty Fashion

Winter weather has arrived across much of the nation, and the change in season often brings a change in our skin condition. Frigid air, low humidity and winter winds can leave skin dry, itchy and chapped. Trilogy Laboratories’ new Hydrating Treatment Shield restores moisture and balance and soothes skin irritated by winter weather and mask-wearing.

Hydrating Treatment Shield by Trilogy Laboratories

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“Our new shield is a deeply hydrating gel treatment that contains four naturally-occurring active ingredients,” explained Kristen Flaharty, PharmD, founder of Trilogy Laboratories. “It’s designed to form a barrier that keeps skin smooth, supple and hydrated even when winter weather and mask-wearing are irritating the skin. The Hydrating Treatment Shield is also a terrific overnight therapy on dry or chafed skin.”

The Hydrating Treatment Shield’s four active ingredients are Syricalm, Pentavitin, Ceramides, and Hyaluronic acid. Syricalm is a naturally soothing herbal extract with strong support from both clinical and laboratory testing. The extract helps to reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation. Pentavitin is a natural saccharide and potent hydrating ingredient that works for up to 72 hours. Ceramides are lipid components that support the recovery and maintenance of the skin’s moisture barrier. Lastly, this treatment shield contains the power of seven molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, designed to create moisture through multiple layers of the skin.

“Keeping your skin hydrated makes it less sensitive to irritants like dry air and cold temperatures,” said Flaharty. “Hydrated skin also looks younger. When our skin is dry, our skin cells shrink, which can amplify the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products like our new Hydrating Treatment Shield can help skin look and feel healthier and younger.”

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