An Exciting New Fragrance Brand to Keep on Your Radar

October 1, 2020  15:50  |  Beauty Fashion

An Exciting New Fragrance Brand to Keep on Your Radar

Photos – Benigna Parfums ©

At first glance, Benigna Parfums’ sparkling bottle may seem like just another beautiful vessel with an aim to house the precious elixir inside. However, the creative vision, attention to detail, and custom-designed refillable bottles embody a well-defined and purposeful story, that, combined with the brand’s planet-friendly approach, gives it a unique competitive advantage.

Benigna Parfums shows their commitment to the environment by embracing sustainable bottles and packaging for all their fragrances. The luxury brand implements and promotes refillable crystal bottles and reusable boxes to minimize environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint. Their goal is to do so without compromising the visual appeal of their bottle and packaging, which boasts a diamond-faceted crystal bottle with a hand-cut crystal stopper and a 24k gold-plated neck with 7 stunning pieces of Swarovski crystals embedded around it. The fragrances are presented in elegant cardboard and wooden box accompanied by a lovely fabric bag.

An Exciting New Fragrance Brand to Keep on Your Radar

Speaking about the design, Benigna, the Creative Director of the brand, stated, “Our bottles are made of specially-engineered crystal, which is very reflective and faceted-cut like a diamond to achieve a mesmerizing appearance. The diamond shape symbolizes purity, perfection, harmony, creativity, and strength, which are the pillars of Benigna Parfums’ core values. The details on the top of the crystal caps are geometrically designed to mimic an airplane wing, a representation of the brand’s true story of a young lady of African descent pursuing her dreams and passion to become an aerospace engineer and pilot. The three signature fragrances- Absolute Celebration, Premier Amour, and Escape Velocity – each have three unique crystal stoppers designed in circular, elliptical and rectangular shapes. The 7 pieces of Swarovski crystals also have meaningful significance… the number 7 represents completeness and perfection.  And the logo printed on the bottle is pure gold, which is reflective of the brand’s high-end luxury appeal and timelessness.”

Highlighting the environmental aspect, the brand said, “Due to the different manufacturing process, crystal is not recycled in the same way as glass. The innovative and eco-conscious approach of the brand dictated that the timeless bottles should be refillable, thereby allowing customers to make these stunning creations a personal keepsake to be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed on. The cardboard and wooden boxes used by the brand come from trees that are fully certified by the World Land Trust and the FSC.”

The eco-friendly theme of the brand is just one part of their captivating story. Benigna Parfums has consciously made a decision to only create gender-neutral fragrances to aid in the mission to break down gender barriers. Fragrances are often categorized by gender depending on the ingredients, notes, and packaging, and Benigna Parfums is of the strong belief that this needs to change. The brand affirms, “Perfumes should not be based on gender or any other distinction, they should respect individual choice, taste, and preferences.  We don’t define who our fragrances are made for, they are all gender-neutral and not mandated by masculinity or femininity. As our brand story revolves around flowers, we use prominently floral notes and blend them with other rare notes and top ingredients such as oud, musk, ambergris, orris and wood to ensure that no matter who wears them, they will experience an amazing olfactory experience.”

An Exciting New Fragrance Brand to Keep on Your Radar

This gender-neutral element is a big part of their brand’s DNA, which states that their elegant perfumes embrace the power of oneness, yet tell a unique story on everyone’s skin. Formulated using only the highest quality of rare and expensive ingredients, the result is exquisite and luxurious creations designed for those who seek out superior quality and true distinction.

The brand also has an active charity component where a percentage of the profits from Benigna Parfums will be donated to BeEagle Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring young women around the world to pursue STEM education and careers. @BeEagle_STEM. In this modern world where empowering women has become so important, it’s heart-warming to see a luxury brand taking the lead to motivate this cause. Benigna Parfums is truly a brand with a beautiful purpose!