ADOREYES Created the First Peptide-Based Lash and Brow Serum

August 10, 2020  22:55  |  Beauty Fashion

When Canadian beauty brand ADOREYES launched in December of 2019, they did not know that 2020 would be a year of global pandemic and lockdowns. Some might assume that this was the worst time to launch a company, but this new Canadian brand has proven them wrong. ADOREYES sales have boomed during these most unprecedented times. Their vegan and cruelty-free beauty products are all made in Canada, and they are now planning to expand their market to the US.

ADOREYES Created the First Peptide-Based Lash and Brow Serum

Photo – ADOREYES ©

Working with Toronto-based beauty experts, ADOREYES created the first peptide-based lash and brow serum on the market, acting on all three hair growth phases to achieve longer, fuller lashes and bolder brows. Combined with vitamins and botanical extracts, their serums offer the most potent and prescription-free alternative to prostaglandins-based serum such as Latisse. Trusted by beauty professionals, the ADOREYES brand has gained loyal followers and encouraged them to visit spas and beauty salons to shop for their products.

Even with the impact, the pandemic has had on Canada, they have not stopped growing. While beauty businesses suffered due to lockdowns and restrictions, ADOREYES stepped up and enabled them by selling their serums online and offering help with deliveries and marketing efforts. The outpour of local support during the lockdown has shown that the key to growth relies on three factors: effective products, beauty salon success, and educated customers. The co-founder of ADOREYES, Natalia Haluszka, said “Being a startup during the pandemic has shown that we are more flexible and adjust faster to changing reality. Supporting local Canadian beauty businesses and conducting educational webinars revealed the strength of our beauty community and overwhelming support from our customers that appreciate our dedication to our products and local businesses.”

Canada has become a hub to some of the most recognizable cosmetic brands worldwide, and today, ADOREYES announced the launch of ADOREYES Plus Lashes and Brows Growth Serums in the USA. With the promise of genuine quality behind the results and support of beauty professionals, ADOREYES plans further expansion to be announced later this year.