Merve Ozaslan

July 12, 2015  23:21  |  News

Merve Ozaslan


Do you all know that feeling when you suddenly stop scrolling huge news feeds because of something that catches attention? Usually, we just look at that thing/photo/article for a quick minute and almost immediately start scrolling again. However, with these collages I had to stop and stare much longer. In the ‘Natural Act’, collage artworks from the Turkish author Merve Ozaslan, we see something that draws an attention and makes us wonder. The straight and uncovered clash of urbanization and nature in this project, uncomfortably accurately shows how detached from the nature we are. Those very correct sceneries of breathtaking nature, inserted between concrete walls and dull towns, reminds, that there is so much more out there and create metaphorical and sometimes even little bit sarcastic images.

The collages left me wondering: whether this connection between urban life and nature is still vivid or it is just an illusion, which can be seen only in art and mechanization pushed the Mother Nature away. Whatever the answer is, the goal of the author achieved and exceeded – it took a while, until I could keep scrolling again.