Unbearable Simplicity of Being

February 25, 2017  00:02  |  News

“The art work by ability to inward in itself an artist on some point

ostensibly forces it (artist) to exist in unsustainable being, in which

it exhists directly and not.”

Živilė Minkutė and Eglė Pilkauskaitė

Poster by Živilė Minkutė and Eglė Pilkauskaitė

Exhibition “Unbearable simplicity of being |Nepakenčiamas būties lengvumas” brings up to day light and presents Lithuanian artists of young generation Živilė Minkutė and Eglė Pilkauskaitė creation work. Although both artists are working in different fields and to express themselves are using different art languages while watching observer understands that for them art is inherent the same look. Alike emotionality laded with simplicity and levity that is gravely articulated. Opening of the exhibition is on 2nd of March.

In aesthetics of white, pristine and unblemished entourage artists are questioning monad of being and although both are using different art languages in this exhibition they launch dialogue about beingness. This dialogue is about seemingly deceptively clear expanse that breaths in ethereality but however appearing severity, acuity and sharpness in the same expanse. Creation for both of artists fling opens as a game in which appears space and in it – space – visible and created objects becomes subjects and constantly vanishes in active presence.

By creating art works artists are opening up them in visual semiotics which means that Živilė Minkutė’s and Eglė Pilkauskaitė’s art is becoming readable as text about mundane life. By using objects or imaged emotional universes artists are transforming pieces into models of reduced reality. And then we – as viewers – have to compensate and fill it up the left open spaces and pieces of that mentioned expanse. In art pieces we are able to find prevailing narratives from different emotional universes till ruins and aesthetic beauty of crumbling. Because of itself false simplicity all art pieces demands attentive, sensitive and outright view.

As if graphic lines swamped with water and dipping into conjoining emotional universes or as black objects emerging from blazingly white sphere creates odd, not named yet aesthetics and extends definitions of painting, graphics and sculptures by itself beingness.