December 6, 2022  00:03  |  News

The Wall Art Gallery presents HOLOGRAM: THE WHOLE STORY curated by Rachel Vancelette, November 29, 2022- February 13, 2023 located at 50 NW 27th Street Miami, FL. The Wall Art Gallery supports international artists and looks to provide a new perspective on the way contemporary art is exhibited, collected, experienced, and engaged.


Tatyana Murray RAPTURE OF THE DEEP 1/1, 2022 Refracted Light: Glass, Acrylic, Programmed LED Light 48 H x 35 L x 5 ½. Photo – courtesy of The Wall Art Gallery ©

Holograms replicate the way humans interpret light to perceive the world in three dimensions. The Greek translation ‘HOLO’ meaning “whole”, and ‘GRAM’ which translates to “story” inspired a curatorial presentation focusing on ‘The Whole Story.’ The exhibition taps into the current conversations happening in art studios today on progression and contemplation. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue that investigates experimental avenues, new and old technology and current art practices taking a deeper dive into the lesser-known aspects and forward-thinking processes of artists’ studios today. This refreshing holistic approach uses the newly designed exhibition space to present a curated series of contemporary artworks engaging in light, reflections, surfaces, and landscapes for the viewer’s contemplation. A thought-provoking combination of art and light transforms the 4000-foot gallery into a unique and engaging sensory and immersive experience.

Highlights include Grimanesa Amoros’s large-scale installation sculpture “AZULIN”; Actor/Creative Billy Zane’s large-scale painting “de Vence”; Tatyana Murray’s stunning refracted light series “Coral Garden” and Japanese artist Takuma Tanaka’s large-scale painting “Money Covers All Over The World”; Scottish artist Juano Diaz pays tribute to celebrities David LaChapelle, Madonna, and more; Fabian Marcaccio’s latest artworks investigate mesmerizing digital technologies with the traditional medium of painting merged with 3D printing.



Kiley Ames

Grimanesa Amoros

Kathe Burkhart

Marc Dennis

Juano Diaz

Juan Garaizabal

Fabian Marcaccio

Panni Malekzadeh

Melvin Martinez

Tatyana Murray

Lindsey Nobel

Eric Payson

Mark Seidenfeld

Veronica Smirnoff

Takuma Tanaka

Billy Zane