GALAXY by Swarovski

September 18, 2023  18:44  |  Fashion

After successfully introducing its inaugural Swarovski Created Diamonds collections in the United States and Canada, the renowned Austrian jewellery house is expanding its footprint in the world of fine jewellery this autumn. This exciting initiative is brought to life through a stunning new collection named ‘Galaxy,’ thoughtfully designed by the Global Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert.

GALAXY by Swarovski

Photo – courtesy of Swarovski ©

Diving into the cosmos for inspiration, ‘Galaxy’ by Swarovski is a luxurious testament to the brand’s unparalleled mastery of light. Drawing from the awe-inspiring birth of the universe, the mystique of distant galaxies, and the boundless energy of space, this collection is poised to captivate hearts.

Comprising 19 exquisite pieces, the range encompasses necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, featuring an array of dazzling diamond cuts. Each of these precious gems is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), meticulously crafted to harness and transform light, igniting a profound sense of wonder.

The designs within this collection offer two distinct styles: one features a brilliant cut laboratory-grown diamond solitaire, encircled by a burst of finely cut stones; the other showcases a cluster of cascading stones in an assortment of mixed fancy cuts, creating the illusion of floating diamonds.

Giovanna Engelbert commented: “The confluence of diamonds, Swarovski’s heritage, and my creative vision has culminated in a collection that embraces the birth of new dimensions for the universe of Swarovski. The endeavour of meticulously creating diamonds to reflect light in mesmerizing ways was remarkable, and what truly excites me is the accessibility to this beauty, thereby elevating the possibilities of customers’ creativity in their self-expression.”

Myrtille Clement-Fromentel, Swarovski Chief Brand Officer, commented: “For 128 years, Swarovski’s founding values have been rooted in invention and care for people and the planet. Now with Swarovski Created Diamonds, we delight our customers with the diamonds of the future. High value and environmentally friendly, they are the ultimate expression of Swarovski’s creativity and savoir-faire.”

It’s worth noting that Swarovski Created Diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from their naturally mined counterparts, sharing identical characteristics in terms of colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. These diamonds are crafted with the utmost respect for sustainability, being created with 100% renewable energy and recycled gold.

With a heritage steeped in exceptional craftsmanship, Swarovski’s foray into the fine jewellery market is a logical progression for the Austrian brand. Its debut Swarovski Created Diamonds collections have been enchanting customers in the US and Canada since 2022.

The ‘Galaxy’ collection made its debut on September 18 in boutiques across the United States and Canada, including the highly anticipated Swarovski flagship store on 5th Avenue, set to open its doors in November 2023. This will be followed by the global rollout of Swarovski Created Diamonds collections across all flagship stores and key markets.

Swarovski-created diamonds represent the future of diamonds. These lab-grown gems are virtually identical to mined diamonds in every aspect, except for their origin. Created through an innovative process that replicates nature, Swarovski’s laboratory-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to their natural counterparts. They are meticulously grown, layer by layer, from a tiny carbon seed, and then precision-cut and polished to reveal maximum brilliance, scintillation, and fire. Graded using the 4Cs—clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight—Swarovski Created Diamonds offer an accessible path to the luxury of diamonds.

For those seeking assurance of quality and Swarovski’s expertise, craftsmanship, and mastery of light, stones with a weight of 0.25 carat and above bear a microscopic laser inscription reading “SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND.” These diamonds epitomize the brand’s commitment to delivering an exceptional and ethically sourced jewellery experience.