Forever Marine Collagen

October 5, 2021  15:48  |  Beauty Fashion

Forever Living Products International LLC, the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and seller of aloe vera products, introduced a new highly bioavailable collagen liquid dietary supplement on September 24, 2021. Forever Marine Collagen aligns with the company’s mission to deliver the highest-quality health and beauty products that are responsibly sourced and ethically produced.

Forever Marine Collagen

Photo – Forever Living Products International, LLC ©

Forever Marine Collagen is designed to improve skin hydration, texture and tone, as well as promote healthy bones, joints, hair and nails. Its advanced, concentrated formula is GMO-free and gluten-free and is comprised of key nutrients from a mixture of pure and essential antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and botanicals, including green tea, Goji berry extract, acerola and vitamins A, C, biotin and zinc.

“This was a highly anticipated launch,” Vice President of Global Product Development Holly Stout said. “Before we brought Forever Marine Collagen to market, we went through extensive trials and consumer testing. With a daily intake of one water-soluble sachet a day, we’ve received very positive feedback from consumers, some of who have seen results in as little as 7 days. And, contrary to other marine collagen products on the market, Forever Marine Collagen actually tastes great.”

Each .5 oz sachet of Forever Marine Collagen is in hydrolyzed liquid form for maximum absorption. Forever Marine Collagen is responsibly sourced from wild cod, pollock and haddock in the deep North Atlantic Ocean and follows stringent quality controls and fishing methods. A more efficient, bioavailable form of collagen is now available from Forever Living.