October 28, 2016  15:49  |  Fashion

DZHUS SS 2017 - SwO magazine

Images: Olga Nepravda

Avant-garde yet utilitarian, DZHUS’ visual identity derives from innovative structural solutions. The brand’s design concepts are based on interaction and transformation of construction modules, aimed to create new aesthetics of the form – innovative and virtually archetypical at the same time, categorical but variable.

Irina Dzhus generates innovative cut systems, using her extraordinary ability of a thorough insight into the complex structure of the ambient and a deep understanding of its architectonic potential. Comprehending metaphysics of the form and its antipode, volumes and silhouettes, surfaces and voids, contours and textures, the designer explores the possibilities of interaction of the surrounding space’s constitutive parts, from which her experimental constructions derive.

Irina Dzhus’ lines were presented in Paris during the Fashion Week, at Ukrainian Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, Helsinki Fashion Week and Prague Design and Fashion Week “Designblok”.



Carbon forms the key component for all known life on Earth. Carbon is a quintessence of black, the fundamental colour of DZHUS’ identity. Carbon is coal, traditionally mined in Ukraine, the homeland of DZHUS. The workers’ rigid routine, uniform and stern industrial constructions have inspired the surly, utilitarian leitmotif of the designs.

Carbon is graphite, used to draw harsh lines and delicate shadings, which have embodied in contoured edges and sheer textures of the monochrome garments. Carbon is ashes, which will remain when we are gone, as a symbol of life’s fragility and the eternal cycle of nature.


Photographer: Olga Nepravda

Style, makeup & hair: Irina Dzhus

Models: Maria Grebeniuk @ KModels, Anita @MY Model Management