BEAM+ LAB to Become a Web3 Film & Entertainment Universe

October 16, 2022  16:47  |  News

With numerous entertainment IP creators entering the Web3 space, BEAM+ LAB stands out as the first decentralised film & entertainment universe that pioneers with its ground-breaking IP co-ownership and “4C” operation model – “co-create”, “community”, “collaborate” and “commercialise”.

BEAM+ LAB to Become a Web3 Film & Entertainment Universe

Photo – courtesy of Sneak Peek of CRYPTYQUES “FURY” NFT Collection ©

Through their exclusive partnership with Mei Ah Entertainment, a listed entertainment and distribution company (SEHK: 391), BEAM+ LAB democratises and liberates over 600 movie IP archives and empowers Web3 communities to co-curate upcoming movie productions with Japanese animation studios.

Decentralised IP Model: Co-Creation and Co-Ownership

BEAM+ LAB reinvents traditional IP models by decentralising and dispersing IP decision-making to community members (e.g. voting and participating in character design, screenwriting and storytelling). By co-owning, co-creating, and contributing to the NFT’s IP growth, holders are rewarded with benefits online and offline. The innovative decentralised IP model allows holders to partake as co-creators and contributors, which allows them to commercialise their IP ownership (e.g. self-initiated merchandise sales and projects).

IP Revitalisation Project – CRYPTYQUES

CRYPTYQUES is a 7-part NFT collection by BEAM+ LAB in collaboration with Mei Ah Entertainment and Wing Shya, an internationally renowned award-winning photographer and director. With the success of the first drop “DESIRE”, the upcoming drop “FURY” will launch in Q4 2022 with Kung Fu as the underlying creative theme. A global creative call-out campaign will be launched to invite Web2 & Web3 (W2&3) artists to breathe new life to traditional IPs with cutting-edge art.

Animation IP Co-Ownership Initiatives

BEAM+ LAB’s partnership with Mei Ah Entertainment extends to its up-and-coming animation movie IP creation, which will be the world’s first animation movies with their IPs to be co-owned by NFT holders. NFT holders will have the opportunity to co-create movie narratives with Japanese animation studios and further commercialise the Web3 NFT IPs they own. IP co-creators will be credited and rewarded with W2&3 utilities (e.g. special access to movie premiers). The animation NFT project will launch in 2023.

BEAM+ LAB spearheads an unprecedented degree of W2&3 IP co-creation by linking up collaboration and partnership opportunities and sharing its entertainment, artists and Web3 assets with IP creators.

BEAM+ LAB is expanding its IP library and co-creation initiatives from movies to arts, animation and much more to enrich its decentralised film & entertainment universe. Recently, BEAM+ LAB has secured NFT distribution rights of Grammy-nominated American rapper TYGA’s virtual concert, together with metaverse city KOOOLA, and several other animation IP development & distribution rights.

All like-minded IP creators and enthusiasts are invited to unleash each IP’s full artistic and commercial potential together with BEAM+ LAB. Stay tuned to BEAM+ LAB’s social media for announcements and upcoming campaigns.