GORJS – the World’s First Beauty Dao

June 15, 2022  14:21  |  News

NYX Professional Makeup today announced GORJS, the world’s first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) focused on fostering the development of the 3D artist community and its evolving approach to makeup in the metaverse. GORJS will serve as a launchpad for 3D creators from across the industry, with the intent to promote growth & innovation within the community, increased aptitude in digital makeup, and ultimately, success in their careers. The DAO’s ultimate goal is to create a new community of artists who are redefining beauty in the metaverse and to lead the cultural conversation as it relates to the brand values of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

GORJS – the World's First Beauty Dao

Photos – NYX Professional Makeup’s archive ©

For the first phase of the GORJS launch, NYX Professional Makeup has begun partnering with some of the most dynamic creators in this space, @thisiscraves, @smeccea and @curry_tian, three of whose unique interpretation of “beauty in the metaverse” is being previewed at the annual Viva Technology conference in Paris. NYX Professional Makeup will support the launch of the artists’ NFT drops within GORJS, developing the new DAO’s ecosystem. GORJS will then be available for aspiring users to join, growing the community by building the creator pool.

GORJS – the World's First Beauty Dao


The unique idea behind GORJS is not only empowering the community through a tokenization mechanism that enables fans, established artists, and those still rising in their craft to influence the direction of the organization, but also, enabling its members to define the future of beauty in a virtually unchartered space, democratizing the ability to influence this territory in Web3.

GORJS – the World's First Beauty Dao


The GORJS strategy is a nod to NYX Professional Makeup’s digitally-native roots, where the brand was the one of the first to focus on pioneering the development of digital beauty creators. The brand quickly rose to fame by leaning into the power of the digital community; with a major focus on reposting UGC on owned social channels, hiring relatively unknown influencers to star in brand campaigns, and global artistry competitions, NYX Professional Makeup was the first to foster community engagement in the digital space, growing to more than 30MM+ in social followers worldwide today.

GORJS – the World's First Beauty Dao


“At NYX Professional Makeup, we proudly champion artistry and diversity,” said Yann Joffredo, Global Brand President. “With the launch of GORJS, we are thrilled to be the first to pursue building a beauty community for the metaverse. This community will help define what beauty, creativity, and identity mean in this new world, with NYX Professional Makeup supporting along the way. We are proud to once again help shape the cultural conversation about beauty, to redefine and reinvent what beauty means in this modern world. We invite aspiring artists to join us on this journey together.”