The Young Entrepreneur. Interview With Rodrigo Martins

January 15, 2017  18:11  |  Let’s talk

His sense of the future can be described as well calculated, which most of us just skip this step every single day. We met Rodrigo to talk about his present career and his choices for the upcoming future. And when he started speaking about his plans, we suddenly noticed how everything is strictly planned and has a reason behind it. At the moment, Rodrigo is a model, started studying interior design and already thinks what’s there next to be done. His life is full of moments, that make him the person he is today and changes the perspective of thinking. It is hard not to become more motivated by hearing what he has to tell to others and what he can share about the modeling world, what are his aspirations for the future. He has a backup plan for every goal of his career.

Rodrigo Martins

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What do you think is essential in modeling and is important to keep in mind when You enter this industry?

Not to be caught up in vanity and the “fame”.

Rodrigo, can you share with our readers about your aspirations for life?

For now, my aspiration is to become a model and a designer. My main goal is to become an interior designer. But I want to believe there as more things beyond the design world, and with that journey, I will improve my graphic design skills, multimedia and I will get sources to become a full entrepreneur.

To be an entrepreneur means to be your own boss. You want to do many things in life: being a model, an interior designer, fashion designer. Does the idea of managing everything on your own scares you a bit?

I am scared of the beginning because after that it is just a journey, to which you have to be prepared. And yes, I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to be my boss and I want to have my career as a successful person. I prefer to work on my own, then people telling me what I have to do. Off course, I don’t mind if somebody tells me to do tasks, but my main goal is to build my own career. Beginning is hard for all the people, but for example in my case – I started to be a model and I know that after a while I will be recognized either for bad or good. I think that these days a lot of young people are being put into pressure just because everybody knows that the starting age to a career is eighteen, and usually people just push their real dreams away, just because the society doesn’t allow them to be who they want to be.

Rodrigo Martins

But when it comes talking about the future, what title do you defines you the best as a future worker?

I want to be an entrepreneur. I seek for success, but not fame. Because I believe that fame can be easily reached by success. And even when it comes to the social media, I think that it needs to have a purpose. Even in my case, I think that such social medias as Instagram or other accounts need to have a purpose in my career, and I am waiting for that moment to come. And even now, I don’t go and ask people for a job. I work for it, and I make them want me to work for them.

How do you see the connection between fashion design, interior design, and modeling?

It is all connection with one word – style. And it depends a lot on the emotional side – if you are angry, your modeling will not be good, if you feel disappointment, your projects and collections will not be great either, it will not be recognized. I don’t like pushing to the limits because I know that this technique does not sell. I know that I will follow the system and I will do the works they require me to, but I will always use two most important things in work – affordable and quality. And try to be me and never let it go. If I am posing in a photo shoot, I am working in a minimalistic way. And if the people will like my photos, they will like my personality and my attitude. I am not creating a mask because I am always showing my true self.

When it comes to comparing, you think differently than the people of your age. Being different actually means being unique, and a bit crazy. Do you think it is important nowadays to be different?

These days being unique to some people seems to be strange. Being yourself doesn’t mean being crazy. Nobody will be you and that is a unique thing that you can have. For example, you can’t make a collection you are not proud of it. You have to think if you will wear it. I am working on a collection and when I draw I think if I would see these clothes being worn by my friends on the streets. I love the downtown of Porto because here nobody will judge your style.

So, do you think that females are the representors of the fashion world?

Indeed. Because most of the fashion industries are being ruled by females. For examples Anna Wintour is the most recognizable person in the fashion industry. There are few male designers at the moment that I can remember like Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino. I think that fashion needs to be true.

Rodrigo Martins

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I don’t get bored, because I follow my style. You can be bored with something else, but you can’t be bored with yourself. Because if you are following your style, you can’t lose the motivation. I love myself and that is why I feel comfortable in doing everything, all the things that I do, is because I love the life opportunities and I feel proud of what I do.


When it comes talking about the future, what do you fear the most in the modelling world, design world?

The biggest fear probably is that I will be just another one. And the only solution to escape this fear is to be true. Because I think that people try too much to be what fashion wants them to be. I will not follow trends because I know that there are millions that are following them, and if I will not follow, I will stand up. I will be the one that chooses to be different. When the topic touches interior design, I want to work directly with the clients, because I would like to hear the client’s opinions. After hearing the response from them, the products will never be the same, because every client has a different style. With the vision that I have and the vision of the client, I can combine and create a concept that is perfect for both of us.

Do You see yourself living in Porto for all your life?

I don’t see myself in this country. I want to choose from one of these countries – England, France or Italy. And if after some time I will be successful, off course, I will try to go to LA. I almost have my life scheduled, which to some people sounds crazy. What I typically tell people is that I will go to other country, only if there will be a reason.

Why did you decide to combine your life with design?

Ever since I was young I wanted to find that connection with the design for my future. I was thinking a lot on how to find the correct career that would still be another form of art. Industrial design includes everything and gives us the ability to create various design objects like furniture and several other objects. At the beginning, I was thinking of choosing marketing, because I am good at communicating with others and selling. But after a while, I understood that most of the people are working in this field and that I don’t want to be just another one.

Do you have the desire to change something in the modeling or fashion design world?

In the fashion design, I want to create clothes that would become legendary, classical. That would have different quality. I want to create a movement, which would refer to Bauhaus movement. What is done in the industrial design, I want to do that in the fashion design. I want to search for the quality and the price, which in the fashion world is becoming a very rare thing.

What kind of projects you think will give you the most value for the future?

Industrial design projects, because that is what I am studying and what my main goals are about.

What kind of opinions have you heard when you told that you want to pursue your dream as a model?

At first, people told me that I couldn’t make it because I didn’t have anything that I needed to have. They used to tell me that I was going to be another one, and would not see the talent in me. But I only thought that I had a future in it, just when I went to the agencies and people told me that I needed an extra centimeter to become a successful model. I was thinking that this was just an excuse to not accept me into the casting. But I got accepted and that was the biggest recognition that I could ever ask for and the most fulfilling thing. I don’t care about opinions, because I don’t live through opinions – I am not a product, that people in society need me to be.

Rodrigo Martins

How do you feel when you have to stand in front of the camera and represent yourself with confidence?

Living the moment and remember to stand up.

What would you wish for yourself in the future?

Success. And I wish for myself to have people, who in my path would give me strength not to give up.