The Ultimate Collection of Patek Philippe Vintage Watches

May 20, 2021  20:07  |  News

The Patek Philippe – My Dream Collection was launched on April 21 by Singapore based watch collector and Patek Philippe aficionado, Ali Nael, founder of 2tonevintage, with a limited production run of 500 copies. The limited-edition book features over 120 Patek Philippe vintage watches, spanning a period from 1858 to 1995. Starting with early pocket watches and ending with complicated wristwatches, the book presents rare and detailed information on each reference and explores the provenance of the watches themselves.

The Ultimate Collection of Patek Philippe Vintage Watches

Photo – 2tonevintage archive ©

The Patek Philippe – My Dream Collection is authored by Ali Nael, who is seen as an authority and industry expert in rare vintage Patek Philippe watches, in collaboration with Eric Tortella, who played a crucial role in the literature side of the book and brings over 50 years of experience in the documenting and studying of Patek Philippe watches.

“This book is the realisation of my dream to curate a Patek collection focused on quality and a documentation of my journey thus far, into this fascinating world. The book aims to provide collectors, new and seasoned alike, with a reference that will help them grow their interest and create their Patek Philippe collection, making it the ultimate collectable item for Patek Philippe connoisseurs and the perfect gift for any horological lover and enthusiast. I hope this book will play a role in building their collection, in the same way, I did, and act as the bridge to cross over to their target.” Said Ali Nael, Author, Patek Philippe – My Dream Collection.