Scandinavian narrative with Odeur Studios

April 2, 2016  11:45  |  Let’s talk

Odeur SS 6


At the first glance, unisex brand Odeur Studios transmits Scandinavian aesthetics, cleanness and purity featuring oversize shapes and triangle construction of the different tones scents with the irresistible base, middle and top notes. Combining divergent approaches, substantial authenticity and order from chaos, designers Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger started their own fashion label in 2006 to experiment with the garments, visions and ideation processes highlighted by the artistic insights in different spheres. Inspired by musical, contemporary art, film and architectural references, designers are aimed at the embracement of the interaction among the genders and multidisciplinary approach towards design and social debate. Taking the projects with the ambitions to captivate the international fashion scene, brought Odeur Studios unisex fashion label collections to all over the world: the spread across 20 countries, selling clothing, jeans, outerwear, footwear and accessories. “The field of fashion offers a platform that exists in-between arts and design, which leads to playful creativity,” – shares the designers and reveal the story of how two artistic souls transform daily life routine to the immerse creativity playground: ever changing, multidisciplinary, inspiring, full of desire to transmit current mood and mindset.

Odeur Studios SS 16

How and why did you come up with an idea to represent Scandinavian fashion perception to Berlin scene? What is special about this place that brings you and your creativity here?

We have been working with partners in Germany for a long time. The idea of showcasing our collection at Berlin Fashion Week came up already back in 2012, when we introduced our AW12 collection ”Temps de Voyage” at the MBFW show presentation scene. We feel a connection to the creative scene in Berlin as Scandinavians, so it feels like a great step to bring Odeur Studios to the International fashion scene from here. There are a lot of talented and creative people here, so it is always a pleasure to show our work in Berlin. We feel a part of this city.

Creidts Sebastian

Can you briefly describe Odeur Studios style? Could you highlight the key feature of the design that distinguish your brand from others?

The Odeur Studios style is clean, minimalistic with a lot of focus on the details. I think that the graphic cuts have always been a distinguishing part of our DNA, along with a play of proportions of the silhouette. Henceforth, our unisex concept is a central and important statement of the collections. We also always maintain a focus on making sustainable collections. If we combine the silhouette, genderless feel and responsible attitude of our brand, you have the sincere creative foundation, from which we operate.

Odeur Studios

Odeur Studios SS16

What is your target market? Could you shortly describe the customers you aim to reach?

For us, it is important to be open to everybody. We do not wish to exclude with our garments. We think that we attract a unisex audience with a likeminded open mindset. We want to push people forward in their perception of how to dress on a daily basis. It is about challenging proportions and individual expression. We are not interested in stagnant sartorial rules. Instead, we like to explore novel takes on garment construction.

Tell me about your typical day. How do the ideas and concept get a shape?

Information and research. In general we are interested in the current events of the World. We try to be updated with the news and what is going on around us. It can be disasters, war, injustice, we feel connected to the world and wish to be a part of it. On a more creative note, we feel drawn to more common sources of inspiration such as the arts, music and other cultural expressions that inspire us. For every season we discuss where our mindsets are and come up with a specific story. It’s almost like a concept tale which we want to communicate for each season. From here we develop the look and feel of the garments and express the Odeur Studios narrative.

Sebastian Pollin

What potential do you see within the field of fashion?

The field of fashion offers a platform that exists in-between arts and design, which leads to playful creativity. Its potential is ever so wide and can stretch beyond the notion of that fashion is simply about garments or collections.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

We think there are many talented designers. To mention a few, people such as Ann Demeulemeester, Kris van Assche, Raf Simons and Rick Owens all bring something interesting and refreshing to the scene.

 Odeur Studios

Odeur Studios SS16

Scandinavian narrative with Odeur Studios