Quantum Temple Launches the World’s First Collection of Cultural Heritage NFTs

April 4, 2023  18:25  |  News

The Web3 platform Quantum Temple has launched the ‘Paths to Alangö’, the world’s first collection of cultural heritage NFTs. The debut series of 11 ethnographic films feature expressions of tangible and intangible culture from Bali, Indonesia, and was created in partnership with The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia. Quantum Temple has already recorded the first sale of a cultural heritage NFT for $97,000 (USD), with proceeds being used transparently to preserve and fund Balinese ancestral communities.

Quantum Temple Launches the World's First Collection of Cultural Heritage NFTs

‘Royal Topeng’ still image (2022). Photo – Quantum Temple ©

Using blockchain technology, 40% of the auction proceeds have been distributed directly to the local culture keeper of ‘Royal Topeng’ and 5% to a social impact fund for their community. The transparent distribution of NFT royalties to culture keepers respects the value of their work, providing more equitable revenue streams for local communities in perpetuity.

“We are thrilled to launch Quantum Temple with our debut collection of cultural heritage NFTs, ‘Paths to Alangö’ featuring Bali, and the historic auction of the first NFT, ‘Royal Topeng’. By immortalizing these cultural traditions and knowledge on the blockchain, we are enabling new pathways for positive stewardship of cultural heritage and transparent distribution of socio-economic benefits for its practitioners and the communities involved. We also hope this redefines the values of cultural tourism in connecting conscious travellers to local communities around the world.” Linda Adami, CEO and Founder, Quantum Temple

“When we were introduced to Quantum Temple last year, we did not think twice about giving our full support. Because at the heart of it, this new model values and protects our culture and people. Most importantly, it reminds us that human connection through arts and culture can be experienced in the digital age.” Angela Herliani Tanoesoedibjo, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia.

The debut collection, ‘Paths to Alangö’, features Bali, Indonesia with 11 original ethnographic films as collectible NFTs. Each NFT represents a different aspect of Balinese cultural heritage, such as dances, temples, heritage sites, and philosophy, filmed on location against breath-taking backdrops of Bali’s cultural landscape.

Created with input from local communities, anthropologists, and cultural heritage experts, the ‘Paths to Alangö’ NFT collection represents Balinese culture accurately. The NFTs aim to generate income for cultural heritage keepers and preserve Balinese communities, with royalties being distributed transparently to the communities in perpetuity.

Future collections will include physical and experiential NFTs, and support ancestral communities in Peru, Panama and beyond.