NIMBUS MIRAI: The Future of Sustainable Footwear

April 16, 2024  13:09  |  Fashion

NIMBUS MIRAI: The Future of Sustainable Footwear

Photo – courtesy of ASICS ©


ASICS is breaking new ground with the release of the NIMBUS MIRAI—a performance running shoe designed for the circular economy. This innovative footwear solution embodies ASICS’ commitment to sustainability and its dedication to reducing environmental impact.

With ‘MIRAI’ translating to ‘future’ in Japanese, the shoe symbolizes ASICS’ forward-thinking approach to creating a positive impact on future generations of runners. By prioritizing sustainability from the outset, ASICS is paving the way for a kinder, greener future.

The NIMBUS MIRAI isn’t just a shoe; it’s a statement. Designed with recycling in mind, it launches alongside a new returns program that encourages runners to give back their shoes at the end of their lifecycles. This initiative supports a circular journey for footwear, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

This launch marks another significant step in ASICS’ ambitious goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Following in the footsteps of its iconic GEL-LYTE III CM 1.95 shoe, the NIMBUS MIRAI demonstrates ASICS’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Crafted with cutting-edge design and materials, the NIMBUS MIRAI is one of ASICS’ most advanced shoes. Its uniform polyester upper, free from overlays, ensures easy sorting for recycling. An original ASICS-created glue facilitates a seamless recycling process, allowing the shoe to be disassembled and remade for its next lifecycle.

ASICS has confirmed that 87.3% of the upper material can be retrieved as new polyester material through recycling—a testament to the shoe’s sustainable design. Additionally, the shoe features an FF BLAST PLUS ECO midsole made from renewable sources, delivering superior cushioning without compromising performance.

But sustainability doesn’t stop at the shoe itself. ASICS is committed to creating a circular journey for the NIMBUS MIRAI, including plans to ensure the shoe’s sole has a second life as part of the recycling process.

By launching the NIMBUS MIRAI, ASICS leads the charge towards a Sound Earth. With nearly 24 billion shoes produced globally each year, the need for sustainable footwear solutions is more pressing than ever. ASICS’ holistic approach to shoe design aligns with its philosophy of promoting a Sound Mind in a Sound Body—a vision that can only be realized with a sustainable planet for this generation and the next.

For the first time, runners can return their NIMBUS MIRAI shoes at ASICS stores or through shipping in select markets worldwide. Participating countries include the U.S., UK, Netherlands, France, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.