Next-Generation Bond Repair Technology

January 3, 2023  23:39  |  News

epres: the next generation in high-performance haircare is proud to announce that the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Dr. Eric Pressly US Patent No. 11,491,092 for the brand’s molecular technology that repairs disulfide bonds.

Next-Generation Bond Repair Technology

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The patented research was done by Dr. Eric Pressly, PhD who holds more than 100 patents in bond-repair technology and considers epres to be his best invention yet. The patent is a transformative piece of intellectual property that the brand is using to revolutionize the haircare industry with its proprietary technology that continues to transform hair long after it dries.

In the salon, the Professional Bond Repair works as a single-step solution to actively re-bond hair structure without lowering the pH balance of the chemical service, which prevents increased processing times, reduced lift and inhibited colour deposit. For consumers at home, the Bond Repair Treatment Kit comes with an epres spray bottle and two water-free concentrate vials. Its formula actively re-bonds hair’s structure adding lasting softness, strength, and manageability; its unique liquid-molecule technology continues to diffuse repair throughout each strand for hours after application. After the initial purchase, consumers can shop the water-free concentrate vials separately.

This is the first patent awarded to epres and the brand will continue to leverage its use of next-generation bond repair technology to develop and validate new innovations in the future. “Being awarded this patent confirms the credible science behind the formulation and the efficacious results,” said Eric Pressly, Founder of epres. “My motivation for developing this patented technology was to implement unique advancements into the bond-building space that the world has never seen before. For the past few years, I worked extensively to establish a technology that would allow liquid molecules to continue to move and explore the hair, looking for areas of damage in just one simple step.”