Neon Hippie: New Mushroom-Based Skincare Brand

February 21, 2023  20:01  |  Beauty Fashion

Neon Hippie, an all-new mushroom-based skincare brand, announces today its launch in the U.S. market. Founded by beauty industry veteran, Nicole Ostoya, Neon Hippie aims to revolutionize the skincare industry with its proprietary mix of hero mushrooms, called the 7 Shroom Complex made with Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Tremella, Trametes Versicolor, Cordyceps and Coprinus.

Neon Hippie: New Mushroom-Based Skincare Brand

Photo – courtesy of Neon Hippie ©

Made to smile back at you every morning, the Neon Hippie brand brings together honouring mother earth while respecting science. The brand partnered with pioneering chemist and Filipino entrepreneur, Florence Nacino, who has created some of the most recognizable formulations in the beauty market to curate this proprietary mushroom complex that empowers nature’s hero ingredients.

“Ask any Mycologist what Mushrooms can do for the skin,” says Nicole Ostoya, Founder of Neon Hippie. “Taken singly, these mushrooms are quite effective. Tramella holds 500 times its weight in water, but together in our proprietary 7 Shroom Complex, they perfectly feed, moisturize, repair, reduce inflammation and transform the skin.”