RapidLash Celebrates 15 Years in Business

February 22, 2023  20:11  |  Beauty Fashion

RapidLash, the pioneer in lash and brow enhancement innovations, is proud to celebrate their 15th anniversary. This is a major milestone for RapidLash and its North American Distribution company, ROCASUBA, Inc. , whose mission is to bring consumers heroic solutions for life’s inconveniences. Their award-winning product offerings are lauded for their efficacious formulas, including their best-selling product, RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum.

RapidLash Celebrates 15 Years in Business

Photo – courtesy of RapidLash ©

Founded in 2008, RapidLash was created by International Research Laboratories in sunny California by a team of chemists who set about the work of developing safe, effective products with science-backed formulas designed to enhance the beauty of your natural features. ROCASUBA, Inc launched RapidLash in the US and became the first company to bring an eyelash enhancement serum to the mass market. With its approachable price point and wide-scale drugstore availability, RapidLash’s popularity soared as consumers experienced the benefits of its easy-to-use application and consumer-tested and proven formula. Just two years after launch, RapidLash quickly expanded its retail reach with 24,000 stores and the brand experienced significant business growth as consumers nationwide tested the unparalleled product formulations.

To commemorate the anniversary, the company is launching the Paint It Purple campaign. Fueled by their California heritage and dedication to delivering smiles via their serums, the vibrant campaign celebrates RapidLash’s commitment and care for their community. To further align with the brand ethos, RapidLash is teaming up with Project Purple, an impact-driven organization dedicated to creating a world without pancreatic cancer and will be donating a portion of every RapidLash purchase to fund early detection and treatment research as well as patient financial aid through 2023. In addition, the brand will be rolling out new marketing videos, a special logo, and product testimonials from real consumers throughout the year, showcasing how to Paint It Purple in 2023.

Today, RapidLash remains a leader in lash and brow enhancement for celebrities, consumers, influential beauty experts and professionals alike. The efficacy of the products continues to generate brand loyalists, which set a foundation for prosperous product line extensions that include RapidBrow, RapidShield, RapidHair, RapidRenew, RapidEye and RapidGlam. These brand extensions continue to revolutionize the category while remaining steadfast in their mission to deliver safe, affordable, and effective cosmetic solution-oriented products.

RapidLash has experienced immense retail growth since brand inception with availability at ULTA, Target, Dermstore, CVS, and Amazon. This retail expansion is expected to continue in the coming years, as the brand remains propelled by the same passion for lash and brow beautification while committed to excellence. RapidLash is excited to commemorate this milestone and looks forward to innovating in the next 15 years and beyond.