Meet Snow Ghosts

December 4, 2013  23:00  |  Interviews M.I.C.

Snow Ghosts


Short visit at “Insanitus lab 2013” left interesting memories of close contact with a “human” robot/installation. Unwittingly you want to have it in your lounge room to let you “disconnect” from the world and enter into magical light game. Out of all the festival records in our voice recorder we have an honorable brief conversation with “Snow Ghosts” duet.

By mixing elements of British folk, dark mystical, rough metal and electronic music accents creators are expressing their inspiration derived from the nature. Duet has already released their debut album, which according music media is one of the most notable this year and is definitely worth hearing, while we are adding it to our Top Albums list.

Let’s turn-on the camera and dive into one of the “Insanitus” festival wiring tunnels along with Ross Tones (Throwing Snow) and Hannah Cartwright (Augustus Ghost).