Interview with founder and curator of “Positivus” festival – Girts Majors!

April 29, 2014  00:48  |  Interviews M.I.C.

Interview with Girts Majors

Photo: Nirts Vilnis (c)

Summer is coming back and one of the most massive Baltic festival Positivus is coming along with it to Salacgirva, Latvija! Most of you probably already booked the weekend of 18th-20th in July, because the whole Baltic Sea is going to vibrate along with the KRAFTEWERK, THE KOOKS, Ellie Goulding and lots of other crazily good artists. While everyone is already picking up the festival looks and preparing the engines, we are speaking with the founder of the festival about the artists laundries and how unexpectedly relaxed he is right now. Girts Majors – one of the main founders of Positivus festival was very kind and gave us some of his precious time. It was very nice, honestly and unexpected interview. Behind this crazy massive festival there is such simple but not ordinary man with an exclusive story.

Was there a particular festival that inspired you to start Positivus?

Absolutely no. I haven’t been in any festival at all when we started The Positivus. There were three owners when we started and only one of us have been in a festival, although we all had some show business experience. The Positivus was created as we saw it, and there was no particular festival that inspired us.

All the festivals have their own labels like THE BIGGEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL or THE ONE THAT HAS THE BEST DECORATIONS. How would you like Positivus to be labeled?

At the festival as an out-door event – I think people are mostly attracted to music. People come to see concerts, enjoy the music, socialize, but music is always in a first place. I think when people come to Positivus it is mostly about the music program.

During these years, you have probably seen a lot in this Festival, what was the most memorable thing that happened?

The first year the first time. It was very small festival with very huge expenses with too many artists, but still it was very emotional. It was very different from following festivals. So the very beginning was the most memorable.

Did you ever expect the festival to become that popular?

I think yes, because when we started we were quite sure that it will take some time to grow, but we always knew that we need some years for people to understand what this festival is about, because before that there were no festivals in this area when we started. The reaction after the first year was so good that it let us feel quite safe and that it’ll boom one day. We were expecting that this would be the event of the year for the music lovers.

How do you pick up the bands and the artists?

We always have some artists that we want to be in Positivus and eventually they come here, and of course, we look for new bands that people are interested in. Sometimes it is like a game, because you always try to catch the most desirable bands or the ones that have the biggest potential.

What is the most desirable band or artist to be on festivals lineup for you? Maybe it is already there?

The Keane, that participated in 2012. On that time, it was the last band from our first year wish list. Somehow, sooner or later we are able to book all the artists that we were ever dreaming about.


Could you describe the feelings before and after the festival?

Now it is way much calmer than it was before. Now I can stay in Riga before the festival, because now we do not have to run around, we have a crew and it is more relaxed than it was at the beginning. After the festival we only need some emotional recovery more than a physical.

What are the most awkward requests from the artists? Which are the hardest to fulfill?

In the first year it was quite hard to build the separate kitchen in the backstage and there were also a lot of laundries. But generally speaking there are no more surprising requests for us.

How often do you dream about the festival?

I cannot say it is too often, because now there are not a many problems, so if I dream it is only positive dreams.

What would you describe as the main goal/message of this festival?

Spend your weekend away from the city, away from the problems. We try to build a place where people could feel far away from everything that is negative and to create a feeling that you spend these few days on some kind of a trip.

In your own view, what is the most magic about festivals?

When I see how happy people are to be here and how far away they can travel to be part of this.

Do you think there is ever going to be a day when you will say “Ok, that’s enough”?

Maybe, but at this very moment I am still enjoying it. While you have the energy and the ideas for the festival, there is no way to leave it.