Leica SL Storytellers: Inspiring New Perspective

February 1, 2023  23:38  |  News

Leica Camera North America introduces Leica SL Storytellers, a collective of visual artists whose tapestry of moments, from everyday to the extraordinary, craft stories that celebrate the human spirit.

Leica SL Storytellers: Inspiring New Perspective

Photos – courtesy of Leica Camera USA © Sheila Pree Bright

Visual storytelling allows us to communicate complex ideas and emotions through a medium that is accessible and engaging for most people. At the heart of Leica lies a legendary camera that has become synonymous with the brand: the Leica M. The Leica M-System exudes innovation and has continuously evolved, enabling its users to capture decisive moments in time. However, while the Leica M cameras allow us to slow down and focus on the art of crafting a photograph, the Leica SL-System was engineered from the ground up with a purpose. With its advanced technology, high-speed performance, and versatility, the Leica SL-System offers photographers the ability to capture stunning imagery and tell their stories in new and dynamic ways.

Photography has the power to spark conversations, and the storytellers behind the lens choose the narrative to record and share with the world. From everyday moments to magical milestones, the moments that comprise our world deserves to be witnessed.

Leica SL Storytellers: Inspiring New Perspective

Cheriss May

The Leica SL Storyteller series begins with the work of accomplished photographers Cheriss May and Sheila Pree Bright, capturing their journey with the Leica SL-System to convey their unique perspectives. Sheila Pree Bright is known for her ability to bring power to quiet moments, capturing the subtleties and nuances of everyday life. Cheriss May’s social commentary on civil rights and black culture in America shine a light on the important issues of identity and representation.

Discover the driving force behind our Leica SL Storytellers and how their unique points of view spark conversations, connect with the community, and ultimately tie back to a single camera system: the Leica SL2.