Heather James Fine Art Presents Paintings by Sir Winston Churchill

March 14, 2024  17:16  |  News

Heather James Fine Art proudly unveils a curated selection of 10 paintings by Winston Churchill, sourced from a single-family collection. This collection stands as the largest private assembly of Churchill’s artworks outside of the United Kingdom, never before displayed publicly. While Churchill is celebrated worldwide as a statesman and Nobel Prize-winning author, his prowess as a painter often remains lesser-known. Yet, his paintings held a significant place in his life, offering a unique window into the multifaceted persona of this towering historical figure.

Heather James Fine Art Presents Paintings by Sir Winston Churchill

Photo – courtesy of Heather James Fine Art ©


“Heather James is thrilled to present this superb selection of paintings by Winston Churchill,” says Heather James Fine Art Co-Founder Jim Carona. “Not only was Churchill one of the greatest statesmen of the modern era, but his foray into painting showcased his inner workings with resulting artworks that are technically adept and aesthetically beautiful. These works read like pages out of his diary, mementos of the moments and places that were meaningful to one of the most important men of his day. We at Heather James have had the honour of working closely with Churchill’s family and his oeuvre in the past and consider his works a speciality of ours. It is a joy to be able to share these phenomenal examples.”

The exhibition, “Winston Churchill: Making Art, Making History,” hosted by Heather James, invites viewers to explore the intersection of Churchill’s artistry and his impactful life journey. Among the showcased paintings are striking landscapes, vibrant still lifes, and introspective interior portraits. Influenced by the Impressionist movement and driven by personal pleasure, Churchill gravitated towards landscapes, often painting en plein air, mirroring the practices of the Impressionists themselves. Each landscape painting by Churchill serves as a glimpse into his personal diary, revealing layers of his experiences and emotions. Considering his myriad responsibilities as a politician and writer, it’s remarkable to ponder the quality and quantity of his artistic output.

The ten paintings offered by Heather James encompass remarkable examples of Churchill’s painterly skill, accompanied by fascinating anecdotes:

“On the Rance Near St. Malo”: Offered to the Tate Museum in 1955, this piece remained undiscovered in the Tate’s storeroom for nearly half a century.

“The Bay of Eze”: Painted near the home of Churchill’s lifelong friend, Consuelo Balsan, an American socialite.

“Oranges and Lemons”: Created in 1958 at La Pausa, the former residence of Coco Chanel, owned by Churchill’s literary agent.

“View of Loch Choire”: Painted in 1919 during a stay with the Duke of Sutherland, amidst personal grief over the loss of his daughter Marigold.

Heather James Fine Art has established expertise in Churchill’s works, having previously exhibited ten of his paintings in 2018. With global galleries, including locations in Palm Desert, California, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, along with consultancies in major cities worldwide, Heather James Fine Art remains committed to showcasing exceptional art while providing personalized services to private clients and museums globally.