Handcraft extinction at Riga Fashion Week

October 29, 2015  22:47  |  Fashion

Handcraft extinction at Riga Fashion Week

Photos: INCH2 archives

We have presented this brand earlier in our recommendation column. The designer Olga Peterson creates pieces to match her strong character and assumes the courage to openly discuss serious social issues by making the brand INCH2 a continuation of this vital concept. During their debut at Riga Fashion Week the INCH2 brand did something that has never been done in history of RFW – the team has transformed a regular showcase into a spectacular show, brought to the surface an acute social problem.

The founders of the brand call our attention to the fact that today machine production uncompromisingly displaces manual labour within the fashion industry. Following the new rules of the game, humanity becomes a continuation of faceless machines. Choosing mass production, one also runs the risk of becoming another person in uniform monotonic crowd. Changing traditions, machinery impinges on the quality of life of future generations.

“A machine, or a robot will never be able to create this. Think about it now, before it is too late – perhaps tomorrow you will be the one replaced by a machine…”- Olga Peterson.

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Handcraft extinction at Riga Fashion Week