Day 7 of Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2017

March 28, 2017  23:32  |  Fashion

Closing Vancouver Fashion Week with an evening of international bliss, designers from around the globe wrap up this year’s fashion preview. Collections from Hungary, Japan, Australia, Austria and a number of others. From bridal to edgy street wear, the innovative and modernistic pieces.


Photos by Arun Nevader


Swimwear designer Viktoria Tisza has taken a more advanced step in recent years in the world of fashion. All the way from Budapest, Tisza has now taken on new pattern and approaches throughout her collection. Having previously designed for Beyonce, Tisza has become a well-known designer throughout the world. Her collection was a collaboration of signature wools and yarn crocheted, latch hooked and braided together. In addition to her fabric choices, Tisza has brought in elements of silicone rubber and a palette of vivid colours. The cautiously handcrafted knitwear hold structure and beauty with a unique touch. The crafted use of fur, silicone and knits allow for an exceptional overall look.




MACHIOMIZUMACHI showcases vibrant colours and creative compositions popular to the local styles and uniqueness of Osaka, Japan. Mizumachi harmoniously coordinates pieces from his collection in bright and playful ways. The styles can be seen through drawn inspiration capturing the strength of the 80’s and 90’s trends. The statement pieces are loud in their visual representation of the fashion and culture of Japanese streets. The clothes are patterned creatively and the integration of fantasy keeps this label one notch above. Mizumachi further uses creative knits to illustrate his designs into flashy elements of fabrics, creating a complex yet fun collection.



“The Empty Ocean Series” is a response to the negative impact human made pollutants and activities have had on the world’s marine life. The ocean stands as the inspiration behind the label’s commitment to producing zero waste and the use of an array of recycled materials, including polyester made from trash and plastic bottles. The ocean has many important qualities which Green Embassy demonstrates using the “Movement of Truth”, encouraging the oceans need for care and the fashion which can be produced in natural ways. These intrinsic pieces are tastefully patterned with elements of the sea crafted within.



Straight off the streets of Vienna, HATTITUDE takes the Vancouver runway and Europe by storm. The elegant hats represent the decade of the 1950s with a touch of modern day. Timeless style reflects European culture with an exquisite charm, representing both beauty and attitude with traditional headwear. Turbans, knitted hoods, caps and fascinator inspired head pieces captivate the audience. Magenta, purple and petrol hues ignite bold pairings to each design while the utilization of millinery materials such as felt, woollen fabrics, fur and leather create an unexpected collection of stylish hats.



Created and designed to embody a marriage between nature, new technology, lightness, transparency and movement, the collection draws inspiration specifically from nature and the effects of the climate. The never ending dynamic and infinite philosophy of life is reflected in the designs and fabrics including PVC, silk organza, 3D mesh, silk muslin, denim and polystyrene balls. Retro themed pieces walk the runway, each piece better than the one before, demonstrating outstanding qualities. Ohanyan’s 100% made in France collection combines whimsical pieces with warm pinks and a garden touch. The flowiness of the skirts are outstanding while the structure which mends them together to form an unusual yet beautiful piece is what makes this collection the perfect closing show of the 7 day fashion week.