Clean Beauty

October 1, 2018  23:26  |  Beauty Fashion

Fusion Brands America announces that the company has changed its name to Clean Beauty Collective Inc. A true pioneer in today’s “clean beauty” movement, the Company will leverage its 15 years of success from its CLEAN and CLEAN RESERVE fragrance collections and expand into new categories such as Home, Bath & Body, Hair and Skincare. Once a portfolio company of several brands will now be entirely focused on manufacturing products that are simple, trusted, and conscious for consumers who want worry-free beauty products without compromising quality. The existing collections and new entries will come together under one umbrella fully embody the Company’s vision of simplicity, transparency, eco-conscious and social responsibility.

Clean Beauty

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Their unique selling proposition is that its products are simple, trusted, conscious. The products are simple by offering only the essentials and nothing more. They provide peace-of-mind with packaging and formulas that are trusted to be non-toxic and free of unwanted chemicals. The Company is conscious of the planet and the global community. It looks to partner with companies that use green manufacturing practices, supply eco-conscious packaging, and use responsibly sourced ingredients that give back to local farmers around the world.

The Product Portfolio

CLEAN CLASSIC Collection: In 2003, CLEAN Original launched introducing an iconic fresh scent with a simple, formulas linear fragrance structure and eco-conscious packaging.

CLEAN RESERVE Collection: This bespoke “farm to fragrance” collection offers peace-of-mind with ingredients and that put safety first, uses eco-conscious packaging and sustainable ingredients to keep the planet healthy and happy and gives back to the farmers and their communities who help make this fragrance collection possible. Styrax, a sustainable ingredient used in CLEAN RESERVE Sel Santal is harvested by the Pech tribe in Honduras, which helps protect their agricultural land and ensures fair wages.

Clean Beauty Collective’s current product offering includes the prestige fragrance pillars—CLEAN CLASSIC and CLEAN RESERVE with multiple collections under each pillar. Luxurious home products are being planned with an estimated roll out in 2019 and the Company is working on expanding into other beauty categories with products that are also simple, trusted and conscious, embracing the values of its namesake.

Company-owner recognized Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist, Eugene Melnyk stated, “Clean living and wellness has always been a passion of mine and after seeing these trends emerge in beauty and personal care I challenged Greg and the team to reimagine the Company and develop a new platform for our CLEAN brand.”




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