Manic Panic

September 23, 2021  22:14  |  Beauty Fashion

Celebrating over 40 years as the groundbreaking company that introduced creativity through its beauty products, Manic Panic is excited to announce a new line of Deluxe Lip Balms in collaboration with SkinIsSkin in September. It’s now your turn to have sexy, luscious, lips. The range features glorious tints to choose from, our lip balms turn YOU into the boldest, daring, and confident woman you’ll ever be! Available in 6 alluring flavours – our high performance tinted lip balm includes shea butter, the famous skin superfood that can only be found in Africa, as well as precious oils from Senegal, such as hibiscus oil and baobab oil. These unifying bold and shimmering tints bring out the best in you.

Manic Panic

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The Deluxe Lip Balm set will convince you to love and worship its flavours, as it enters the market with its bold and ravishing new looks. In today’s generation, expression and passion conveyed by women all over the world essentially need such cosmetic products that compliment fierce looks and overachieve high expectations of quality brands. Allow the Deluxe Lip Balm to help you take over the world of beauty!

Manic Panic Deluxe Lip Balms are vegan, organic, natural, and cruelty-free, giving women a chance to not only look and feel their very best, but to do so in a way that’s completely ethical and healthy.