A Reinvented Gender-Free Line of Four Scents – #SpraytheLove

June 13, 2022  15:06  |  Beauty Fashion

The Phluid Project and Scent Beauty relaunched today the updated The Phluid Project 100% gender-free scents. The new versions are Eau de parfum with longer-lasting scents that are vegan, cruelty-free, and feature clean formulas.

The scents bottle the beauty of breaking boundaries and binaries with colours that are inspired by the rainbow and names that reflect the community and values we stand for most.

A Reinvented Gender-Free Line of Four Scents – #SpraytheLove

Photo – Scent Beauty’s archive ©

Unleash your self-expression with Transcend, the delicate pink colour pairs with fruity floral notes that make you feel happy from the inside out.

Feel joyful and glow from within with the yellow hue of Humanity and fresh solar notes of coconut which will make you feel beautiful in every way.

Let your confidence radiate and make your own mark your own way with Intention, the soft purple-coloured scent features sweet mandarin and is warm and spicy.

Bring a sense of harmony and calm to your day with Balance featuring a beautiful blue colour with bergamot and fresh citrus notes.

All four perfumes were created in collaboration with Scent Beauty, the launch pad and online retail platform for innovative independent fragrances and perfumers. The updated scents were brought to life by a diverse team at Firmenich perfumers from around the world. Blended beyond any constraints of masculine, feminine, or unisex – these scents are completely phluid and bring self-expression and self-love to the forefront and capture the emotions we feel when living as our truest selves.

“The Phluid Project has been at the forefront of removing gender from its products and really leaning into what it means to simply be you. Being able to recreate these fragrances has been such an exciting time to continue to do just that,” said Steve Mormoris, CEO of Scent Beauty, Inc. “The Phluid Project has always stood for inclusivity and with these four scents, we invite all to explore, choose their favourite, or combine and layer to create a unique fragrance that speaks to them.”

“We launched The Phulid Project in 2018, and the conversation around gender has shifted. We thought that it was time to go bolder, step into our identities,” said Rob Smith, Founder of The Phluid Project. “As a member and advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community, it has always been important to me to bring inclusivity in everything that we do. With these scents, we want to revolutionize how we think about gender norms in the fragrance industry. Each fragrance was created to evoke emotion. From self-acceptance, self-care, self-determination, and self-expression there is something in this line for everyone.”

In celebration of The Phluid Project fragrance launch, Scent Beauty and The Phluid Project are proud to announce the four faces behind each of the fragrances: Non-binary fashion designer Jerome Lamaar, Brazilian model and dancer Victoria Brito, non-binary actor Lachlan Watson and trans body positive TV personality Jazz Jennings. Together they showcase that beauty truly shines when we break the boundaries.




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