#1 Hair Care Brand

March 20, 2024  18:28  |  Beauty Fashion

Kitsch has earned a prestigious spot on Fast Company’s coveted list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024, solidifying its position as one of the top three beauty companies globally. Out of numerous contenders, only 10 beauty companies were recognized this year, underscoring Kitsch’s exceptional achievements and influence in the industry.


#1 Hair Care Brand – Kitsch

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This year’s roster highlights organizations that are reshaping both industry and culture through their groundbreaking innovations, setting new benchmarks and achieving significant milestones across various sectors of the economy.

Fast Company singled out Kitsch for its revolutionary impact on the beauty landscape, particularly for its pioneering approach to packaging-free haircare. By introducing bottle-free solid formulations, Kitsch is redefining beauty standards and sustainability practices, prompting a shift in consumer behaviour and garnering widespread acclaim.

In praising Kitsch’s innovative strides, Fast Company emphasized the brand’s commitment to addressing individual needs while championing environmental responsibility. With its package-free bar shampoos and conditioners, Kitsch offers consumers the opportunity to look and feel great without compromising on eco-consciousness—an achievement lauded by the publication.

Cassandra Morales Thurswell, CEO and founder of Kitsch, expressed gratitude for the recognition, attributing the brand’s success to its diverse and dedicated team of visionaries. With a focus on accessibility and quality, Kitsch continues to push the boundaries of beauty innovation, holding an impressive 14 patents in hair care alone.


#1 Hair Care Brand – Kitsch


Kitsch’s holistic approach to beauty extends beyond product innovation, encompassing sustainable manufacturing and shipping practices, as well as a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion. By nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration, Kitsch leverages diverse perspectives to drive meaningful change and address evolving societal needs.

In the past year, Kitsch has spearheaded initiatives to revolutionize consumer behaviour, encouraging the shift from traditional bottles to environmentally friendly solid formulations. By eliminating millions of plastic bottles and partnering with organizations like 4Ocean to combat ocean pollution, Kitsch demonstrates its relentless dedication to promoting well-being and planetary health.

Fast Company’s recognition of Kitsch as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies highlights the brand’s position as a trailblazer in the beauty industry, showcasing its ongoing commitment to driving progress and promoting positive change on a global scale.