Zymtronix x Ginkgo Bioworks

February 16, 2023  22:22  |  News

Zymtronix, a developer of cell-free process technologies, and Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA), which is building the leading platform for cell programming and biosecurity, today announced a partnership to optimize enzymes used in Zymtronix’s proprietary cell-free-platform for the production of important ingredients in food, agriculture, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Zymtronix x Ginkgo Bioworks

Photo – courtesy of Ginkgo Bioworks ©

Enzymatic biocatalysis is a powerful manufacturing technology that can enable the production of a wide range of chemicals and molecules. Zymtronix’s cell-free platform is designed to solve challenges associated with traditional biocatalysis and seeks to enable the production of a wide range of products with precision and productivity. By partnering with Ginkgo to build and produce bioengineered market-ready enzymes, Zymtronix anticipates being able to extend its solutions into the pharma, nutrition, and agriculture markets, among others.

Ginkgo Enzyme Services offers partners end-to-end support for the discovery, optimization, and production of enzymes for diverse applications. Through the partnership, Ginkgo will leverage its suite of enzyme services to engineer enzymes for Zymtronix’s applications using metagenomic enzyme discovery as well as improve enzyme expression and production host performance.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Zymtronix to the platform and support their applications in sustainable ingredients and beyond,” said Ena Cratsenburg, Chief Business Officer at Ginkgo Bioworks. “We built out Ginkgo’s platform to serve a wide variety of enzyme discovery, engineering, optimization and scale-up efforts, and we’re so excited for the work to come in this partnership. Zymtronix’s cell-free biomanufacturing platform is pioneering solutions for various industries, and we’re eager to leverage our end-to-end capabilities and help expand its efforts in transforming the way enzymes are used.”

“This partnership will greatly accelerate our work of bringing the precision and scalability of cell-free biomanufacturing and sustainable ingredients to market starting with alternatives to animal sources; Ginkgo is uniquely able to support us with both enzyme engineering and strain expression, helping us continue to accelerate commercialization,” said Stéphane Corgié, CEO-CTO and founder, Zymtronix. “We hope to extend this partnership in the future to facilitate the production of multiple end-market products.”