GRAFO gallery at ArtVilnius’17

June 6, 2017  19:02  |  News

GRAFO gallery

Photo – GRAFO gallery (c)

This year at ArtVilnius’17 art fair GRAFO gallery is representing the newest artworks of Živilė Minkutė and Eglė Pilkauskaitė. Although two artists from the youngest generation are working in different fields and to express themselves are using different art languages their creation is laded with simplicity and levity that is gravely articulated. Narratives going from confusing world of emotions to aesthetic beauty of crumbling will be reflected in the unseen, reduced form of reality models. Artworks will extend definitions of painting, graphics and sculptures by itself beingness.

We will see You in ArtVilnius’17. The Contemporary Art Fair ArtVilnius’17 will take place at Litexpo exhibition pavilion on 8- 11th of June.