‘The Gift of Kings’ from Amouage

December 6, 2021  19:55  |  Beauty Fashion

People have always been fascinated by the stars. Stirred by their profound beauty, we have woven them into religious and spiritual ritual, holding them as symbols of enlightenment, as our wish-granters, our guides, and our good fortune when they are aligned. Millennia have been spent mapping the skies, detailing celestial patterns, and naming galaxies, stars and features of the moon. Uniting science and storytelling, our constellations have taken on animals and personas, inspiring history of traditions and customs, classic folklore and art for generations.

'The Gift of Kings' from Amouage

Photo – Amouage archive ©

Today, Amouage has cast its own eyes to the sky curating constellations of fragrance inspired by the mythological characters of astronomy. Staying true to its Omani roots, the House is honouring its ancient seafaring heritage which, for hundreds of years used the stars to chart a course across oceans, bridging civilizations, sharing cultures and cultivating friendships from the distant East to the West. Seeped in rich custom and warm generosity, each coffret offers perfume lovers an opulent gesture fit to be called “The Gift of Kings”.

In its reimagination of the art of gift-giving, Amouage highlights the work of contemporary artist Gaëtan Bernede, who has painted over ancient maps of the sky taken from archives, giving new life to each of the constellations and their animal interpretations.

Celebrating classical femininity and womanhood in the modern world, Cygnus captures the loyalty, lightness, grace, and fragility of the swan through its white florals and soft spices. An olfactive romance, this set portrays both the breathtaking beauty and the liberating force of nature.

A timeless classic, Pegasus captures the breathtaking beauty of the winged horse, yet with an element of whimsy. With vibrant florals and spicy amber, this heady fragrance selection tells a mystical tale that echoes throughout eternity.

Through a world of external chaos, Taurus seeks to compose internal harmony. Just as the bull, its fragrances are strong, bold and assertive, yet their authenticity and depth offer a moment in time for personal discovery, self-reflection and finally, renewal. With smoky woods and rich leathers, Taurus hails the birth of a new age and the freedoms that come with it.

The quintessence of masculine refinement, Ursa Major evokes stability and balance, with a freshness that is both nuanced and refined. True to its animalistic nature, its earthy woody elements offer something quite visceral and primeval, a surging emotion of inner connectivity drawn from nature.

Appreciating individuality, each coffret of carefully selected fragrances speak volumes of its wearer’s character, from the classic to the confident, the romantic to the bold.