Break Your ‘Wishcyling’ Habit with Rhyme & Reason

April 13, 2022  16:51  |  Beauty Fashion

‘Wishcycling’ describes the unfounded (although often well-intentioned) belief that something is recyclable even though it is not. * A recent survey** carried out by Rhyme & Reason, the eco-friendly haircare brand, found that:

67% of people admitted to regularly disposing of the packaging in the hope that it will be recycled, without fully understanding if it can be.

86% admitted to feeling happier about their contribution to the planet when they were able to recycle packaging.

Break Your 'Wishcyling' Habit with Rhyme & Reason

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Making ethical beauty choices can be diffi­cult, confusing, and often overwhelming leading to an increasingly heightened state of eco-anxiety. In fact, 61% of us struggle to tell if hair and skincare products are ethical from the packaging. ***

Habits such as ‘Wishcycling’ clearly signify that eco-savvy consumers want to do their part in helping the planet and Rhyme & Reason is at the forefront of helping to provide the solution to this with their grounding breaking 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, meaning that both the bottle and the cap can be put straight into the recycling without the need to separate bottle, label and cap.

Environmental Psychologist Lee Chambers told the Future Laboratory in their Sustainable Futures Report, “The truth is that eco-anxiety is human functioning at its finest. There is no doubt in my mind that environmental wellbeing will become as focused on as personal wellbeing.”**** To support this, another recent study found that 48% of beauty consumers are looking for more information and clarity about brands’ values and commitments to the environment. Ingredients, recyclability of packaging and animal welfare were amongst the most frequently searched topics.*****

To ease eco-anxiety Rhyme & Reason are committed to taking positive action for our planet by empowering you to make an easy, convenient, and positive daily environmental impact with no new plastic in their bottles and caps. The brand believes that caring for the planet should be as easy as caring for your hair. The collection is rated 10/10 for performance*, boasts up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and offers sensational haircare for every hair type, in sustainable packaging.


Rhyme & Reason’s collection of hair care products is housed in 100% recycled and recyclable HDPE bottles with a first of its kind 100% recycled cap that stays securely attached from first use through to the recycling stream, helping prevent ocean pollution and unnecessary landfill.

The HDPE comes from a post-consumer waste stream and even the masterbatch made to colour the bottles is made from recycled material. The unique bottle shape minimises plastic use and optimises transit packing e­fficiency, with bottles nestling perfectly together to minimise the shipping of ‘air’. This means that all packaging can go into the recycling bin together, as the lid and base are uniquely made from the same type of material – no new plastic.

Each year, the brand donates 1% of their sales to environmental causes, helping to preserve and restore our planet for tomorrow. They have a long-standing donation to the Galapagos Conservation Trust’s, Plastic Pollution Free Galapagos Programme.


“When even the most protected, precious wildlife havens on earth like Galapagos are under constant threat from marine plastics, incoming on every tide and every current, we know we must change as a society. But the change has to be real – ‘Wishcycling’ won’t make any difference to the 8 tonnes of plastic arriving on Galapagos coastlines every year. Recycling is only a useful part of the solution to reduce the waste stream reaching our oceans if it’s genuine. Fundamental innovation at the design stages of packaging is what we need, with products like Rhyme & Reason showing it is possible,” says Andy Donnelly, Marine Scientist & Conservation Educator and Expert Advisor to Rhyme & Reason.


“Not only are Rhyme & Reason’s ingredients natural, but they also put hair and scalp health at the forefront of their formulations. We should treat our scalp with the same care that we use to treat our skin. Rhyme & Reason’s ingredients are formulated to nourish the scalp and make sure it is in the best condition to grow beautiful and healthy hair,” says Angela Onuoha, Certified Trichologist and Expert Advisor to Rhyme & Reason. Says Angela Onuoha, Certified Trichologist.



Sources: * ** Rhyme & Reason independent survey, Poll of 500 participants UK & US conducted by Rnyme, Reason March 2022 ***Poll of 2,000 adults conducted by We Do in June 2021**** *****Research carried out by Provenance of 23,000 Cult Beauty shoppers in 2019 and 2020




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