Spring Trends in the Interior Design

January 2, 2016  22:20  |  News

With the second month of the year 2016, we represent the trends in the interior design, which will be changing out spaces into a living, full of nature, colours and ideas just seeking to get into your house. Let’s begin with the trends that designers are suggesting for the interior. This year, if you are thinking too choose some natural tones, you are not wrong. One of the trends that are taking interior by the storm is the Jungle themes in psychedelic, clashing colours. This will give you the ability to create a space with character, emotion, dynamic movement and give it a modern look. Bring the flowers, all the nature of the office, house, or bedroom, and give it some green feeling, which will make your room look alive.

Interior Design

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The 70’s. The period with good music, and trends that are fashionable even until now. Louche Seventies-inspired swag is back into the design world, and you can decorate your house in the most interesting way. Go and visit the vintage stores, that always have the most interesting and valuable pieces. Combine some gold metals with nature aside and you will get the best combination that shows style, but still keeps it special.

Spring Trends


Now, what about the kitchen area? The place where all the life is usually going on for some of us. For this spring the designers are suggesting to go natural. It means to use the natural textures of wood that is combined with concrete. Also, they suggest choosing the neutral tones: black, grey, white. This helps to keep the balance in the room and keep it clean.



Exotic flavours. No, we are not talking about food this time. We are talking about the vibrant patterns and textures, which will be used in the interior. The colourful patterns, that remind us the east side, are being combined with some natural wood tones makes the space look and feel calm and comfortable.

Spring Trends

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Words, typography and graphic signs, that are needed to make the room look modern and futuristic. Decorate your living room with some inspiring quotes that would make your room outstand.

Maayan Zusman & Amir Navon

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The colours. For 2016 spring design trends are offering a wide palette of colours.

Blue and white decorating colour schemes, that would give the calmness to space. For those who want to warm up the room –  Blue and green colours combined with warm orange that is a great and ideal choice. Spring is all about getting and feeling the warm – Coffee with cream is a choice to make your room look cozy, and a little bit classy. To make it more sophisticated use warm copper, red wine, bronze or beige tones.

Spring Trends

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And finally pink pastels, grey colour tones and black and white decorating ideas for those who want to make a chic look that will make your room look amazing. Combine, find your favourite combinations and make your space the way it would reflect you.

Spring Trends

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Combine, find your favourite combinations and make your space the way it would reflect you.