Romanian Design Week

April 15, 2013  18:16  |  News

Romanian Design Week – Preview will happen during the 17th – 26th of May 2013 and is set to become the first major event dedicated to Romanian design.

Romanian Design Week 2013

Photo – Romanian Design Week ©

Romanian Design Week – Preview covers eight domains: advertising, architecture, digital design, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, product design and photography and represents both a dialogue opportunity for design aficionados and its professionals and a chance for designers to promote their creations and to interact with other domains being, at the same time, a celebration of the best in Romanian creativity.

The event will include a central exhibition, the design students’ gallery, parties, fairs and workshops, as well as collateral events, which will be promoted in Romania and around the world.

“We strongly believe that there are a lot of people in Romania that are making extraordinary things and that there are many people who love the out of the ordinary, people who are ready to become familiar with and to consume Beautiful and Smart creations. We just have to build a platform through which these people can know each other and can use each other’s resources, and we need a couple of years for the effects to appear. We do not think that the wait should demotivate us; we think that the idea of an investment should encourage everyone. ”,

declared Andrei Borţun – CEO The Institute and initiator of Romanian Design Week.

The Preview edition includes a central exhibition that will take place at The Ştirbei Palace in Bucharest (147, Calea Victoriei) and will include works signed by some of the most important designers and creatives in Romania. The designers’ selection is made along with a creative council made of well-known design professionals: Adrian Soare, Romanian Architects Order Vice-President – Architecture;  Corvin Cristian, Architect – Interior Design; Mihai Gurei, Concept Creative Manager Intro – Product Design; Maurice Munteanu, Fashion Editor  Elle Romania and Domnica Mărgescu, Fashion Editor Elle Romania – Fashion Design; Şerban Alexandrescu, Creative Director Headvertising and member of the Art Directors Club of Romania – Advertising; Miloš Jovanović, Graphic Designer – Graphic Design; Cosmin Bumbuţ, Photographer – Photography. The exhibition design is signed by Architect Attila Kim.

“Any event that brings together in Romania professionals in connected domains as architecture, interior design, fashion, photography, etc. is extremely welcome in the grey setting of a country that overlooks its values. It’s great that all these professionals know each other and cooperate and influence each other, especially since they all represent Romanian design and have the same objectives and interests.”, stated Cosmin Bumbuţ about Romanian Design Week.

The main exhibition set at Ştirbei Palace will be open to the public during the Night of Museums (May 18th) and during the Galleries Night (May 24th).