Sensorium x Jean-Michel Jarre

November 4, 2021  17:39  |  M.I.C. News

Sensorium, the company behind the Sensorium Galaxy digital metaverse, has partnered with Guinness record holder, composer, and producer Jean-Michel Jarre. The ‘godfather of electronic music’ – known as a tech-tamer constantly pushing the boundaries of music and visual effects – is now embracing a new challenge of creating an immersive sound environment as well as delivering exclusive VR shows.

Sensorium x Jean-Michel Jarre

Photo – Sensorium archive ©

As a co-creator of Motion, Jarre will be sound engineering this virtual world dedicated to mindfulness, helping build an immersive sonic environment that conveys a sense of presence through highly engaging visuals and sound.

Taking the shape of a mysterious underwater land, Motion lets users reinvigorate their mind and spirit with meditation practices and relaxing dance performances. By permeating this environment with immersive sounds, carefully composed through the use of binaural beats and natural sounds, Jean-Michel Jarre will help deliver sonic messages for the mind and soul.

Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO at Sensorium: “Musicians performing in VR spaces are no longer a novelty. We see it as the first step in exploring the true potential of entertainment in VR. Eventually, artists will become the co-creators of the VR world, and this partnership is the first example of such a collaboration. Jean-Michel is an inspiring and leading figure in music and the perfect match for Sensorium Galaxy. Whether it’s a virtual concert in Notre Dame or a new track generated by his AI-driven app, Jarre never fails to surprise with his visionary creativity. This time won’t be an exception”.

Apart from co-creation of the Motion world, Jean-Michel Jarre will also host exclusive VR shows within Sensorium Galaxy, performing his latest work as well as iconic tracks.

Jean-Michel Jarre: “VR is a new form of art, still on the verge of a full-scale bloom & boom. To unveil the true potential of technology and create worlds that people can fall in love with, artists need to work hand-in-hand with the best tech companies. Sensorium shares this vision, and our partnership offers an exciting opportunity to explore the interactions of humans and art in virtual reality. It’s also a way for me to share created-by-me worlds and performances not only with contemporary fans around the world but also with the future generations”.

Jean-Michel Jarre’s track record in innovation has cemented his name as one of the music industry’s biggest players. Throughout his career, this iconic performer has sold more than 85 million albums, while his Moscow performance in 1997 attracted a record-breaking live audience of 3.5 million people. His appearance in VR has witnessed the same level of success. The artist’s last New Year’s performance inside the virtual Notre-Dame Cathedral gathered 75 million online and TV viewers. With Sensorium Galaxy, Jean-Michel Jarre is set to impress once more.

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital metaverse featuring immersive high-end events and experiences. In this alternate reality, users can reinvent themselves, explore vast virtual worlds filled with activities, ranging from games to mediation practices, socialize with others and interact with their favourite artists. It’s been developed by veterans of the gaming and VR industries in partnership with entertainment powerhouses such as Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Yann Pissenem’s The Night League. Chart-topping artists, like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Eric Prydz, and others have already confirmed exclusive shows.

To ensure that Sensorium Galaxy is a truly open experience, the platform will be accessible through the most widely available interfaces. Users can tune in using VR headsets to get a sense of true immersion, use a PC to access augmented reality experiences or download the mobile application to watch streams, build unique NPCs and communicate with them. Sensorium Galaxy is now in beta and is set to launch later in 2021.