December 13, 2023  21:31  |  Beauty Fashion

Dr. Hirotoshi Umemoto, Mr. Hideki Konishi, and Dr. Ryohei Mori, affiliated with Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd., have innovated a plant-based vegan gel nail product, trademarked as “Re:soil.” The brand name “Re:soil” embodies the concept of creating cosmetic items that can return to the soil through biodegradation. This unique gel nail formulation, derived from plants, distinguishes itself as vegan gel nails, a rare category compared to the existing vegan nail polish products in the market. The development of these gel nails aligns with environmental goals, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Moreover, these vegan gel nails can be cured using UV or LED lamps, similar to conventional petroleum-derived gel nails.


Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd., strives to replace all petroleum and fossil fuel-based chemical products with those derived from natural plant biomass. With over 85 years of experience in developing petroleum-based colour chemical products, Dr. Ryohei Mori, driven by environmental concerns, established an internal startup, Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. This startup focuses on creating natural biomass-based chemical products, including biodegradable plastics, resins, coatings, glues, paints, and colours. Dr. Mori’s vision, outlined in a tutorial review published in a British scientific article by the Royal Society of Chemistry, aims to replace global petroleum-based chemicals with natural alternatives.


Photos – courtesy of the Green Science Alliance ©

The company has previously introduced water-based biomass biodegradable nail polish, vegan nail polish, vegan nail polish remover, and plant-derived vegan artificial nail tips, some comprising 100% biomass or plant materials. In their latest innovation, the team has formulated vegan gel nails with approximately 22-24% plant-derived components. Notably, the colour pigments used are not derived from petroleum, as seen in conventional nail cosmetics, but instead utilize inorganic pigments. The plant-based vegan artificial nail tips are uniquely designed to complement these vegan gel nails, marking the world’s first creation of such designed nail tips where all components are made from plant-derived materials.

Products from the Re:soil line, including these groundbreaking vegan gel nails, are available for purchase on the company’s shopping website. The anticipated release for these vegan gel nails is expected by the end of this year or early next year.