Perricone MD – Powerful New Treatment

September 20, 2022  23:26  |  Beauty Fashion

Perricone MD, the award-winning skincare brand renowned for its breakthrough, science-backed skincare solutions, announces the newest addition to its Acne Relief Collection, the Maximum Strength Clearing Treatment.

Perricone MD – Powerful New Treatment

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This lightweight cream is formulated with maximum-strength salicylic acid in a sustained delivery system for less irritation to target the most stubborn acne. It is gentle on the skin by using a blend of three soothing ingredients: biomimetic oat protein, skin-soothing cica and lactobacillus ferment. The biomimetic oat protein works as a skin sensitivity neutralizer, designed to mimic the natural active ingredient in oats to calm acne flare-ups. The antioxidant-rich cica, also known as tiger grass, is an anti-microbial herb that soothes irritation and moisturizes by reducing skin redness and strengthening skin’s barrier. Lastly, the plant-derived ferment, Lactobacillus, promotes a clear, calm and soothed complexion by selectively targeting blemish-causing bacteria.

“Following the successful launch of Acne Relief in 2020, we decided to expand the collection with a product that filled a gap in the market and in our portfolio,” says Jennifer Trovel, Chief Marketing Officer of Perricone MD. “We worked to figure out what our acne consumers needed from us and we found out they were looking for a product that delivers clear, acne-free skin while eliminating the discomfort and irritation that they normally experience with their acne regimen. With the launch of the Maximum Strength Clearing Treatment, we achieved just that.”

“We constantly evolve our portfolio to be best-in-class, and we do that by triangulating feedback from multiple, disparate sources,” says Robert Koerner, President of Perricone MD. “While Acne Relief was a major success when it launched in 2020, our early-trier study, customer reviews and previous consumer studies indicated there was a major opportunity to address additional consumer needs.”

The results speak for themselves. In a clinical and consumer study, 84% agreed it was effective at treating pimples and clearing breakouts and 96% agreed it was gentle on the skin.

*In a clinical and consumer study of 24 women after 8 weeks